Suit Handkerchiefs

Suit handkerchiefs are back! With TSHU, you can make a statement by wearing an elegant handkerchief that is also committed. Committed? Yes! For each adopted handkerchief, TSHU commits to plant one tree.

Our hankies are entirely handmade with great care in Montréal. Made with finely woven satiny cotton, they are both stylish and useful – which means they can be worn as easily as a suit handkerchief in the breast pocket of your jacket – or stored neatly in your briefcase to wipe the screen of your ipad before your next presentation.

Tired of wearing ties? Vamp up your suit with one of our colorful patterns! Gilbert’s navy blue fabric with white polka dots looks smashing with any outfit. And, if you’re feeling sassy, we dare you to wear Leonard as a pocket square! With its soft pink fabric and black & white skulls and bones, you’ll be the star at any event. Looking for a more discreet look? Samuel’s warm gray shade subtly complements any style.

Still skeptical about suit handkerchiefs? TSHU isn’t just a simple hanky – it’s a great accessory for all your daily needs. How many times have you found yourself in a situation were you could really use a tissue? Wearing Elvis, Louise or Edith will add a touch of color to your look, but it also ensures you always have a hanky handy. And if you think about it, having a handkerchief handy will most likely greatly improve any bad situation.

Save the day at a meeting by mopping up a coffee mess with Samuel! Make a gesture for the environment by opting for Moshe to carry your sandwich. Reduce the signs of stress by moping your sweaty brow with Dwight. Whatever handkerchief you prefer, stuff it in your suit pocket and make sure you’ll never look for a paper tissue in panic again!