mini-BLAISE – ivory washcloth handkerchief with abacus pattern


Adopt Blaise, the handkerchief-meets-washcloth. Eco-friendly, ethically made, useful and oh-so-adorable!

A hanky named Blaise? Read the exciting story below—one you’ll be able to tell your friends. Love the idea but have a million questions? Read on to learn how to use this marvel of a handkerchief in our practical guide for the brave and bold. Looking for that extra incentive to convert? You’ll be happy to know that for every Blaise adopted, a tree is planted. TSHU story—errr, we mean— true story.

  • Single children’s handkerchief, 8’’ x 8’’
  • Handkerchief: 100% certified organic cotton poplin
  • Certified organic terry cloth: 67% bamboo, 28% cotton, 5% spandex (narural, unbleached, undyed)
  • Ethically hand-crafted in Montreal (Canada)
  • A tree planted for each handkerchief purchased

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Blaise’s Story

At 11 years old, Blaise Pascal was already creating quite the impression. WIth a passion for mathematiques and applied science, the young prodigy designs the world’s first mechanical calculator at 17 years old.

Style and Finish

This charming, cheerful handkerchief is crafted with certified organic materials, ethically made in Montreal (Canada). The TSHU logo is emblazoned on the left-hand corner, a seal of quality and commitement proudly displayed. As it should be— ‘cause for each TSHU purchased, a tree is planted. Pretty inside and out, the mini-TSHU is practical, reliable and—dare we say?—life changing accessory thanks to its quality, hand-picked materials. Looking for the perfect gift? Opt for useful and crowd-pleasing mini-TSHU, suitable for big and small!

Mini-TSHU from A to Z

Okay so, let’s get real, shall we? Here’s a the raw, unedited low-down on how to use your mini-TSHU. Don’t let its kid-size fool you—this hankie is super absorbent. Don’t hesitate to blow your darling cherub’s nose. It can be used dry to wipe away those adorable snot bubbles or moistened to clean sticky hands and cheeks. This handkerchief is there for you, every step of the way—from drool-fueled teething days to messy snacking afternoons.


Say goodbye to those jam-packed supply bags filled with wet wipes, wash cloths, tissues… and even, in some cases, the blankie! This multi-purpose handkerchief will step up to the plate when life takes parents by surprise. Plus, since it’s entirely made of certified organic materials with an non-bleached and undyed terry cloth lining, the mini-TSHU is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skins (even for little angels who suffer from allergies).

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