CONRAD – Garden Handkerchief lined with White Sateen (two-ply)


Meet Conrad.

When we came back to Montreal last summer, we rediscovered the pleasure of walking in the heart of the botanical gardens – a small oasis of nature at the heart of the city. The Montreal Botanical Gardens offered us a welcome moment of calm and beauty in nature that feels good for the soul!

  • One adorable handkerchief with unique gardens pattern
  • Two plies of the finest quality cotton (organic)
  • Available in 4 great sizes
  • Handmade with love in Canada
  • We plant a tree for each handkerchief you take home
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Our handkerchiefs are handmade with the utmost care and only high quality materials.

Made to measure handkerchiefs

Made to measure

We tailor our handkerchiefs to your need. Need help to find your dream handkerchief? Don't hesitate!

Good all-around

Good all-around

Good for your nose and good for the planet. Our hankies tenderly help you reduce waste.

1 TSHU = 1 tree

1 TSHU = 1 tree

Why stop at reducing waste? We plant a tree for each item you take home with you.

Dying to learn how this gorgeous garden handkerchief got his cute little name? Read on, we’ll give you the scoop. We’ll also tell you all about Conrad’s pedigree: how it’s made, where and why it’s so wonderful. Stay tuned!

Conrad’s Story

Brother Conrad Kirouac is at the origin of the creation of the botanical gardens. A specialist in Quebec flora, he conceived this large-scale project to preserve Quebec’s floral heritage and to popularize botany. Today, the botanical garden has many gardens, including the Japanese and First Nations gardens, which are renowned around the world!

Made to last

Summery and fun, this feminine handkerchief is made with care and attention in Montreal (Canada). And when it comes down to durability, Conrad’s pretty hard to beat. Made with two plies of the finest cotton (tightly woven organic cotton poplin, lined with silky smooth white organic cotton sateen), this cool handkerchief is resistant to every use—and every wash. Oh yes, Conrad promises to stay true to you through thick and thin.

A size for every need (and nose)

Conrad is available in four sizes so you can adopt the one that best fits your needs (and your nose). Choose from:

  • SMALL (20 x 20 cm)
  • STANDARD (28 x 28 cm)
  • LARGE (34 x 34 cm)
  • EXTRA LARGE (40 x 40 cm)

Behind the scenes…

Of course, this adorable handkerchief is cute enough to flaunt—but really, it’s meant to serve. Keep him close and reach out to him in times of need. With his two plies of fabric, Conrad is ultra-reliable and will absorb everything you throw at him. Once your nose is relieved, simply fold him neatly, put away and reuse. You’ll be happy to know that Conrad will dry between uses.

The TSHU promise

We know you care and hey—we do too. That’s why we’re proud to offer sustainable, quality cotton handkerchief so you can help save some trees. And because we like to go the extra mile, we also commit to planting a tree every time someone falls in love with our lovely garden handkerchief and decides to take him home.

Still looking for your dream handkerchief?

If you need help finding the PERFECT handkerchief (and Conrad’s not it), you can take my quiz to find your dream hanky right here: TAKE THE QUIZ – you can also write and ask me for guidance! I love talking hankies and adore helping out 🙂

Learn more about handkerchiefs

If you’d like to learn more about hankies, you can also download my complete handkerchief guide right here: DOWNLOAD YOUR GUIDE

Why should you buy your handkerchiefs from TSHU?

  • I work only with high quality materials! All fabrics are pre-washed to ensure the handkerchiefs don’t warp, twist or shrink after you take the home with you. Plus, I personally test all the styles myself before putting them out in the world (and I have high standards!)
  • TSHU’s been around for 10 years now and I pride myself on offering excellent service to my beloved customers. That’s why they keep coming back for more!
  • Still hesitant? Check out our reviews here on the website (in the footer or for individual products) or on Etsy! I’m pretty sure they will convince you that TSHU handkerchiefs are truly the best handkerchiefs out there.



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