Dans le sac | Reusable baguette bag

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It’s the end of an era: one in which baguettes are over-wrapped and soaked by the rain.

Really? Really! Thanks to this fantastic reusable bread bag, you can carry and protect up to three baguettes in a 100% eco-friendly way.

  • One reusable baguette bag
  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • 71 x 19.5 cm
  • Made ethically in France
  • You adopt a bag? We plant a tree.

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The Reusable Baguette Bag Guide

  1. Bring the bag with you (trust us, that’s the hardest part!)
  2. Place one, two—or even three (if they’re quite thin!) baguettes inside the bag.
  3. Roll up the top of the bag towards the bread to close it.
  4. Tighten up everything with the ribbon.

And then? Choice is yours! You can:

  • Eat the bread right then and there;
  • Keep your baguette in the bag for up to two days;
  • Freeze your baguettes for another day!

Caring for your bread bag

After each use, we recommend you shake your bag to empty out the crumbs. It’s not useful to clean it between every outing—but if you need to do so, wash it in cold water and don’t use the dryer!

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