DOUGLAS – Hanky with Planes (two-ply)


Sky’s the limit with this special limited edition handkerchief, in collaboration with Bleu Tango.

Adopt Douglas, our special edition hanky featuring a unique, hand-drawn design by our talented Parisian designer friends.

  • Multicolored planes on navy blue background
  • Approximate dimensions: 28 x 28 cm
  • Front: recycled cotton with Bleu Tango design
  • Lining: 100% certified organic cotton
  • One tree planted for each Douglas adopted

Please note that our Douglas handkerchief can’t be customized with personalized embroidery.

Curious about this special collaboration and the inspiration behind Douglas’s name? Don’t stop reading! As you know, all our TSHU’s are very special… but this one is extra, extra special. You’ll see why—we fight a war where no pieces of cloth are left behind!

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handcrafted handkerchiefs


Our handkerchiefs are handmade with the utmost care and only high quality materials.

Made to measure handkerchiefs

Made to measure

We tailor our handkerchiefs to your need. Need help to find your dream handkerchief? Don't hesitate!

Good all-around

Good all-around

Good for your nose and good for the planet. Our hankies tenderly help you reduce waste.

1 TSHU = 1 tree

1 TSHU = 1 tree

Why stop at reducing waste? We plant a tree for each item you take home with you.


The story behind Douglas.

Douglas Bader was a British aviator renown for his service in the Royal Air Force. Despite having had both legs amputated after a terrible crash, he successfully fought in World War II as one the top fighter aces, distinguishing himself with over 30 victories in less than 15 months. Douglas proved that determination can overcome any handicap!

We love all hankies—we just make em’ better (with the help of Bleu Tango).

Our Douglas hanky features a unique design with colourful planes created by our talented friends at Blue Tango. A double-ply handkerchief with a 100% certified organic cotton lining, Douglas is semi-recycled: the front is made from fabric leftover after producing their beautiful garments. Instead of creating more waste, we found a way to give a second life to this perfectly good (and super gorgeous) extra cotton cloth, thanks to our wonderful Blue Tango collaboration. 

Of course, this series is limited, so make sure you adopt your Douglas today!

Like all our TSHUs, Douglas loves a good wash after tackling all those sniffles, sneezes and wipes. Made of high quality materials, this soft yet absorbent square is a perfect pocket companion that will withstand serious wear.

When it comes to style, make your own rules.

Fighter pilot Bader was not one for following the rules. And you know what? We totally agree! So when it comes to how to use or wear your TSHU is really up to you. Our Douglas hanky is pretty much up for any task—from wiping glasses, to blotting lipstick, to catching snotty missiles. Hide him in your purse, stuff him down your pocket, or tie him around your ponytail. Sometimes, you just have to do it your own way. 

Fighting the good fight with TSHU.

Never, never let them persuade you that things are too difficult or impossible. Wise word by Douglas Bader. At TSHU, we believe that every action has an impact, no matter how big or small, and our mission to make the world a better place is 100% possible to achieve.

Just like our Douglas hanky, every single one of our handcrafted handkerchiefs helps reduce waste by encouraging people to use less disposable paper products. But it doesn’t stop there—TSHU applies ethical values throughout all its processes, even behind the scenes! That’s why our production costs are higher than your average manufacturer. Higher profits aren’t worth our seamstresses smiles.

Oh yeah—we also plant a tree for every adopted hanky.

Wanna help us build a TSHU forest? Click here to read about our company commitment and our amazing, planet-loving partners.

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