DOUGLAS, lovely handkerchief with plane pattern x Bleu Tango (limited edition)


Opt for Douglas, that oh-so-adorable blue handkerchief with its unique plane pattern, hand-created by talented Paris designers Bleu Tango!

Made from leftover fabric (unique pieces by talented designer Bleu Tango, left behind after creating a line of lovely clothing in Paris!), this beautiful handkerchief is doubled with soft, silky white organic cotton sateen.

  • One two-ply handkerchief
  • 28 x 28 cm
  • Front: recycled cotton with unique pattern by Bleu Tango
  • Lining: white certified organic cotton
  • Made with love in France
  • One tree planted for each adopted Douglas!

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This limited edition handkerchief goes out to British aviator Douglas Bader. Renowned for his service in the RAF, as World War II was just beginning and having been amputated from both legs following an accident before the war, Douglas distinguishes himself for being responsible for more than 30 victories in less than 15 months of operations, despite his handicap!

Limited edition handkerchief: a collab with Bleu Tango!

Douglas is semi-recycled, semi certified organic! Sounds funny, but here’s the explanation: it’s lovely front side is made from leftover fabric handed down from Parisian designer Bleu Tango. Indeed, when producing beautiful garments, there are often quite large pieces of fabric leftover—large enough to make handkerchiefs. So, we’re truly delighted to offer this fabric a second life by collaborating with Bleu Tango to offer you unique hankies with colourful prints. Douglas’s lining is a simpler, contrasted face made from white organic certified cotton. Soft, absorbent, it perfectly complements its neighbour, offering an interesting contrast.

Douglas’s Origins

Like all our cotton handkerchiefs, Douglas is handmade in ethical conditions. And to ensure this is really the case, we visit our seamstresses on a regular basis, delighted to see the lovely handkerchiefs come to life, thanks to their magic… And their smile 🙂

Douglas Junior

Our beautiful Douglas handkerchief has a little one—the mini-TSHU Douglas, just like his dad. Perfect to gift a loved one with a unique, useful “father-and-son” kit! Psssssst – Our duo is also available with a little discount in tow…

Reduce waste!

Using a handkerchief is key to reducing your ecological footprint. Indeed, the simple action of blowing your nose in cotton rather than doing so in paper (which will eventually end up in a landfill), helps. To gift someone a TSHU – and especially this limited edition handkerchief – is hence to help promote waste reduction, while giving the gift of style! And, for every adopted TSHU handkerchief, we promise to plant a tree. Amen!

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