JACK – pink handkerchief with penguins and zebras (two-ply)


Go for Jack—our fabulous pink handkerchief with penguins and zebras—born from a collaboration with our fave Paris designers, Bleu Tango!

Created with scraps of fabric leftover from Bleu Tango’s beautiful collection pieces, our Jack handkerchief is absorbent and durable—backed with finely woven black organic cotton sateen.

  • One two-ply pink handkerchief
  • 28 x 28 cm
  • Front: recycled cotton with unique pattern by Bleu Tango
  • Lining: black certified organic cotton
  • Made in France, with love
  • One tree planted for each adopted Jack!

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Meet Jack

A few years back, we met talented photographer Ladislas Kadyszewski, who gifted us his famous photograph of Jack, the penguin. This little Jackass Penguin from South Africa, named after Cousteau, became renowned after being photographed to raise awareness to this endangered species and has followed us across the world.

The lovely pink fabric—designed by Bleu Tango!

Our adorable pink handkerchief is made from both recycled and organic cotton. Indeed, like all our two-ply handkerchiefs, Jack is doubled with organic cotton sateen—although unlike most of our hankies, which are doubled with pure white—Jack is backed with crisp, black fabric. It’s unique, printed front, though, was gifted to us by talented designer Bleu Tango for the first of two lovely handkerchiefs (Douglas is the other marvel!) born from a collaboration. Indeed, when a designer makes garments, often some fabric gets tossed aside as the pieces are too small to use. When chatting with Lou—designer and founder of Bleu Tango, we realized that her beautiful patterns were being wasted and we were only too eager to give them a second life! So, meet Jack, a unique pink handkerchief with penguins and zebras, backed with black cotton.

Jack in the Making

Here at TSHU, it’s not enough to work with good quality materials—and organic ones at that—we like to go to sleep at night knowing that TSHUs make people happy. Customers—of course but also the people who work on making them come to life. We are a small family company and we like to pride ourselves on making choices based on our strong values. Since ethical conditions are one of them, we’re happy to report that each handkerchief is hand sown with care by our seamstresses—whom we personally visit and chat with. We know for a fact that our partners work in good conditions and that they are happy to collaborate to make our hankies come to life. So now you know everything!

Jack Junior

So, one pink handkerchief wasn’t enough—we just couldn’t resist giving Jack a little sister. Forming the perfect Mother-Daughter assortment, meet mini-Jack—a washcloth made from the same lovely fabric and backed with organic bamboo terry. Perfect to blow your little one’s stuffy nose or to wipe sticky cheeks and hands—mini-Jack can be used both dry or wet.

Zero Waste Handkerchief

So of course, you know that preferring cotton handkerchief goes a long way to save our precious resources. Why? Cause you waste less paper tissues—and hence fewer trees! Reuse is in fact one of the key points of the zero waste approach. But one thing you perhaps don’t know is that when adopting a TSHU Handkerchief such as Jack, you’ll only be responsible for planting a tree! Yup—we commit to planting one tree for each adopted handkerchief, to reinforce the impact of your actions. One TSHU = One Tree!

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