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cotton napkins
cotton napkins
cotton table napkins
cotton napkin
cotton table napkins
Cotton napkin

jaQs | Cotton napkins


Reducing waste starts at home!

And what better than around some yummy food, where we can share our new, fantastic habits with loved ones? Adopt these colourful cotton napkins and significantly reduce your paper consumption… We bet you won’t be sorry! Soft, gorgeous and practical, these lovely table linens are sure to please!

Between February 9 and 24, TSHU will be resting. Delivery will thus be temporarily interrupted. Thanks for understanding!

Cotton napkins are useful and oh-so-practical!

They replace paper napkins and can simply be tossed in the washing machine with your clothes once soiled.

The trick?

One colour per person, within a family. So no need for napkin rings or personalisation – to each their colour and no more mixup!

A sustainable cotton napkin

These cotton napkins are incredibly durable. The lovely patterns don’t fade with time and they don’t distort over time, despite numerous washed. In our household, we’ve had five sets (one for each family member) for almost five years now and they still look pretty awesome! Of course, some are stained (especially the younger kid’s colours) but we are not maniacs – after a yummy spaghetti, we  let the kids wipe their mouths full of tomato al over their cotton napkins… After all, they are meant to be used 🙂

Choose from six lovely colourful patterns!

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