Lamazuna | Bamboo Ear Wax Scraper Tool


Looking for a healthy, natural, biodegradable alternative to disposable cotton tips?

Try this Oriculi ear wax scraper made from bamboo – great for the planet and great for your ears, as it helps prevent the formation of wax obstructions, while maintaining great hygiene!

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Lamazuna’s oriculi is an ingenious ear wax scraper tool, made from bamboo. Thanks to it’s practical shape, you can maintain optimal ear hygiene without having to fall back on disposable cotton tips!


An eco-friendly ear cleaning kit?

Yes! This cute bamboo ear wax scraper measures 10 centimeters (close to 4 inches long) and boasts a colourful head. Indeed, each Oriculi comes with a different head, to help distinguish your ear scraper from your loved ones. To each their own ear wax tool 🙂 

How to use a reusable ear cleaner?

Sustainable and reusable, this ear wax remover acts like a tiny spoon inside your ear. Indeed, one must scrape the inside of the ear to collect the ear wax that there accumulates. We recommend you scrape once or twice a week – ideally as you step out of the shower, when the ear wax is nice and soft – and hence much easier to collect!

Watch out!

Like with all ear cleaning tools, it’s not recommended to clean too deep within the ear, because the wax that can be found there must be left alone! The Oriculi ear scraper can also be used on kids – but an adult must absolutely manipulate it to avoid any accidents.  

Where it’s from and why it’s awesome!

Originating from Japan and China, where people have been using it for generations, this ecofriendly reusable ear wax removal instrument presents numerous benefits. First, it allows for one to remove the ear wax completely by scraping it out from the sides of the ears, instead of stuffing it farther in! It thus protects one from ear obstructions, while helping reduce waste with the use of disposable cotton tips. Win-win, no?.

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