Lamazuna | Menstrual Cup – Size 2


OH-MY-GOD! TSHU’s got the perfect Menstrual Cup! Made in France by Lamazuna, this Size 2 Cup is now available via the TSHU online Shop.

The Size 2 menstrual cup is made for women who have delivered vaginally or who have a heavy flow! If you adopt it, you’ll receive your cup in an adorable—and super practical – organic cotton pouch—pretty and yellow, too.

  • One menstrual cup
  • Size 2
  • Includes it’s awesome pouch for transportation
  • You adopt a menstrual cup? TSHU plants a tree.

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Size 1 or size 2?

This Lamazuna menstrual cup can be purchased in two sizes: size 1 and size 2. Here’s everything you need to know before getting your own:

Size 1 Size 2
Flow Light Medium to heavy
Best for Any woman concerned Women having given vaginal birth
Capacity 23 mL 30 mL
Diameter 42 mm 46 mm
Length 47 mm 52 mm

If you’re looking for a size 1 cup, it’s right here.

Menstrual cup: the complete guide

Inserting the cup

Inserting the cup can be a little tricky if you’re not used to it. But, with a little practice, you’ll soon be mastering it. You can insert the menstrual cups by folding it in three different ways before placing it in your vagina:

  • Fold it into a C-shape
  • Roll it up
  • Shape it so it looks like a shell

The goal? To make its top edge as small as possible, so the insertion goes smoothly and the cup can expand once in place. Once the cup is inserted, push on all sides with one of your fingers to ensure it’s well positioned and to make sure to create a suction effect and hence avoid any unwanted leaks.

Extracting the cup

At first, you might have a little trouble extracting the cup without spilling blood—so you might want to practise in the shower. You’ll need to break the suction effect. In order to do so, you should pinch the cup from the bottom. You should hear a little sound, indicating a breach of air! You can then pull on the stem and extract it, making sure you don’t perform these steps too quickly. Keep the cup stable and straight to avoid a blood bath situation.

General Tips

Every six hours or less, extract your menstrual cup. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort when wearing it, but it’s important to empty it nevertheless. Once out, you can rinse the cup before replacing it. Oh—and wash your hands carefully before manipulating your cup!


The Lamazuna menstrual cup is made with platinum cured silicone. This medical grade silicone is super safe, and it doesn’t contain any latex, phthalates or BPA. Caring for it easy—simply rinse with water and rub lightly with gentle soap.

Can I use it with my IUD?

Yes ma’am! But if you do, make sure you break the suction well before extracting your menstrual cup. Not only will this ensure better comfort, it will help avoid misplacing your IUD by sucking it out with your cup!

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