Lamazuna | Period Cup – Size 1


Yes yes yes, the period cup (size 1) is now available on the Tshu Shop! And it’s Lamazuna that makes it in France.

This Size 1 period cup is presented in a lovely pink organic cotton pouch, so you can carry it everywhere with you.

  • One period cup
  • Size 1
  • Includes a pink organic cotton pouch
  • Made in France
  • One tree planted for each period cup you purchase!

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Size 1: who for?

This awesome period cup is available in two sizes:

  • Size 1: for a light flow. The size 1 cup has a capacity of 23 ml. Its diameter is 42 mm and it measures 47 mm long.
  • Size 2: for a medium to important flow, and for women who have given vaginal birth. The size 2 period cup has a capacity of 30 ml. It’s slightly bigger than size 1, measuring 52 mm long with a 46 mm diameter.

If you are hesitating between the two sizes, opt for size 2!

How does the period cup work?

Using a menstrual cup is not rocket science, but it does take a little getting used to. With some patience and a little practice, we’re convinced you’ll come to love it! There are three ways to insert the cup:

  • By folding it into a shell-like form; 
  • By rolling it up;
  • By forming a “C” shape with it.

To each their own! Remember not to push it in too far though—a period cup doesn’t go in as far as a disposable tampon.

If you’re having trouble inserting the period cup, try having a go at it in the shower. Same for the removal—you’ll be more at ease, and you can practise extracting it without spilling.

If positioned adequately, the period cup creates a suction effect, which prevents leaks. It’s super comfortable, you’ll most likely forget it’s even there. Watch out though—it’s highly recommended to remove it at most every six hours. In order to do so, pinch the cup at the bottom extremity to cut the suction effect and create a breach for air. You can then pull on the little stem, extract it, empty it—and then rinse and put it back in place.

What is the Lamazuna period cup made of?

This period cup is made with medical grade platinum cured silicone. This type of silicone is usually used for surgery and contains no latex, phthalates, BPA or whitening agents. You can easily wash it with gentle soap and water.

Is it compatible with an IUD?

Absolutely! But if you do intend on using the period cup with an IUD, think ahead:

  • Ask your gynecologist to cut the thread as short as possible so it doesn’t interfere with the cup;
  • Make sure you press on the period cup’s sides before extracting it so the suction effect doesn’t pull the IUD with it.

Pssssssst—just like regular tampons, the period cup can be worn if you’re a virgin!

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