Pachamamaï | Kidoodoo Solid Shampoo for fine hair


Tempted by solid shampoo but reluctant to try it because you have thin hair / you’re pregnant / you’re afraid / you’re shopping for your child? Look no further! The Kidoodoo Shampoo:

  • is Safe
  • Works for kids starting age 1
  • is ideal for fine hair
  • smells great
  • is eco-friendly, zero waste, biodegradable and hand made in France
  • plus, it lasts much longer than that shampoo that comes in a plastic bottle.

Need we say more?

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Ideal for thin hait and children’s locks, this eco-friendly shampoo is natural, zero-waste, vegan and contains no bad stuff. Plus, it’s friendly on your budget, as one bar of Kidoodoo shampoo is equivalent to 2 bottles of regular, liquid shampoo!

Handmade in France, by Pachamamaï.


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Weight 70 g