Assortment of 5 Orphan Handkerchiefs


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Assortment of 5 Orphan Handkerchiefs


When our stylish, funky handkerchiefs are not 100% up to our standards, they get moved to the pile of orphans and become available at a reduced rate!

Cheap handkerchiefs on the TSHU Shop? Indeed! Not perfect hankies, but still totally functional and made with love with high quality fabric.

See below for more information on what you’ll get when opting for our pack of 5 cheap orphan handkerchiefs!

Out of stock

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We try to be as eco-friendly as possible and to be coherent, we do all we can do avoid waste!

As you probably know, coming up with fantastic handkerchiefs takes time and care and still, sometimes the products are just not perfect enough to stand behind them. What’s more, since all our handkerchiefs are sown and printed one by one, technical mistakes happen and if we’re not perfectly satisfied with a TSHU, we don’t put it out there.

Realizing that our desire to deliver quality, immaculate handkerchiefs was creating waste, we came up with the idea of selling the samples and orphans at a small, symbolic price. So, here is more info on the types of cheap TSHU handkerchiefs you can purchase as of now!

You opt for the orphans, we choose & mail you an assortment of 5 orphan cheap handkerchiefs.


When developing new styles, we often try out different colour combinations and come up with the beautiful handkerchiefs we currently sell. These include current styles that were initially made but have no care labels – and even other colourful styles that were not released for sale. They have no defect, but you may never find one like it again!


During the screen printing process, several handkerchiefs get stained with a spot of oil or smudged with a touch of ink – and sometimes a thread is dragged on to the press and leaves a trace on the print. While we don’t sell these hankies, they are still perfectly useful and look pretty awesome!


Because of many different reasons, during the sewing process, some handkerchiefs end up being too small, crooked or odd. On our two-ply styles, some handkerchiefs are put together with the wrong side up so one of the faces is not as smooth and silky as the other. You may end up with a slightly curved edge or a smaller handkerchief, but you can definitely use on of our sewing orphans for all your daily needs!

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Assortment hankies

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