EDITH – Pink Hanky (two-ply)


Let yourself be seduced by Edith’s softness. 

This pink hanky is doubled up with natural cotton sateen, which makes it pleasantly thick.

You may be wondering why we named this handkerchief Edith? You’re curious, and that’s a good thing. Now listen up closely… Can you hear Edith Piaf’s sweet melody? Read on, we’ll tell you more!

  • One pink hanky doubled with natural sateen
  • Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm
  • If you say YES to Edith, we’ll plant a tree
  • 100% Cotton – organic certified poplin in the front (pink) / natural organic cotton sateen in the back 
  • Handmade in Canada

This handkerchief can be customized with personalized embroidery. Choose from our 4 options below: no personalization, embroidered initials (monogram), embroidered name or embroidered words. What’s more, I can send you a free mockup of the embroidery – just ask!

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Donna H.
I recommend this product

Beautiful Handkerchiefs

I ordered these as gifts, and am so very pleased with them! It is great to have a choice of sizes, and personalization. Swift delivery, product exactly as described.

handcrafted handkerchiefs


Our handkerchiefs are handmade with the utmost care and only high quality materials.

Made to measure handkerchiefs

Made to measure

We tailor our handkerchiefs to your need. Need help to find your dream handkerchief? Don't hesitate!

Good all-around

Good all-around

Good for your nose and good for the planet. Our hankies tenderly help you reduce waste.

1 TSHU = 1 tree

1 TSHU = 1 tree

Why stop at reducing waste? We plant a tree for each item you take home with you.

This adorable two-ply handkerchief is thick and very absorbent. It’s the perfect accessory to blow your nose, mop your brow or dry your tears in an eco-friendly manner, without feeling like you’re compromising on comfort. 


This lovely handkerchief can be personalized with embroidery! Just choose one of our options:

  • EMBROIDERY INITIALS (1 to 3 char)
  • EMBROIDERY – NAME (4 to 8 char)
  • EMBROIDERY – WORDS (9 and + char)


To make sure you ADORE your embroidered handkerchief, know that I’m happy to send you a mockup of what the personalized embroidery will look like with your choice of font! I can even send you a few options if you’re hesitant. All you need to do is write and ask, and I’ll send you a photo of the projected result by email, Facebook messenger, Instagram DMs or What’s App.


Don’t hesitate to write and let me know if you are on a tight schedule. I can always work fast, and by sending me your deadline and shipping address, I can evaluate the various expedited shipping options for you and let you know what’s possible!

The lowdown on Edith

“La vie en rose”… Ring a bell? This notorious song has been sung and sung again, by various popular singers. But we owe the melody to Edith Piaf. To honour her talent, TSHU decided to create the sweetest pink hanky: TSHU Edith – in its two-ply version. Would you like your life to be rosier? Then you know what to do: bury your nose in our pink handkerchief and hum softly as you relieve your nose.

Her Impeccable Style

Ah, Edith… Truly pink, inside out! In fact, her utmost softness extends down to her natural organic sateen lining, which contrasts beautifully with her pink face and offers you the quintessence in terms of nose-blowing experiences. Delicately adorned with tone on tone topstitching, this pink hanky is the result of fine craftsmanship. Our brand, TSHU, is featured in the bottom corner with our small red tag – a glimpse of bold colour in an ocean of pink. And if ever you find Edith too curvy, her slimmer cousin might be your style. Check her out in single ply.

Our Promise to You & Mother Nature

On top of offering you a high quality handkerchief, made with love and joie-de-vivre, we also promise to go a step further and reinforce the impact of your actions. Seriously, we can’t ask you to do all the work! So, it’s quite simple. You purchase a pink hanky? We commit to planting a tree. Result: you help us save trees, and we plant more, for a greater impact. Win-win-win, no?

La vie au quotidien, with Edith

Sure, people may get jealous when they see how close you and Edith are, but don’t be afraid to show off your gorgeous pink hanky! She’ll stay a loyal friend to you, but might inspire others to look for that rosy glow you now sport so well. Keep Edith close—in your side pocket, your purse—but also your gym bag, office drawer, on a stroll and on the road. You’ll rapidly be 100% addicted to her sweet presence… And you’ll feel completely naked without her!

Blowing Your Nose 

We get it: Edith is so pretty that you just don’t want to fill her up with mucus. But her reason to live, her greatest dream – is to help you relieve your nostrils. We promise. So go for gold people, let yourself go. We promise that your pink hanky will not only do the job, she’ll absorb what needs to be dissimulated and will make them disappear as she dries subtly in your pocket.

Flirting With Your Pink Hanky

You couldn’t resist, you just had to get your hands (nose) on Edith – our beautiful two-ply pink hanky. But you’re not quite ready to blow your nose in fabric. Ok, no problem! Just don’t let her get restless, we promise she is quite versatile and can offer you help in many ways. To wrap your snack, for instance. Or dry tears of emotion. Or even, to mop your brow after lifting weights. Keep Edith close to your heart… You won’t be disappointed!

Still looking for your dream handkerchief?

If you need help finding the PERFECT handkerchief, you can take my quiz to find your dream hanky right here: TAKE THE QUIZ – you can also write and ask me anything! I’m here to help 🙂

Learn more about handkerchiefs

If you’d like to learn more about hankies, you can also download my complete handkerchief guide right here: DOWNLOAD YOUR GUIDE

Why should you buy your handkerchiefs from TSHU?

  • I work only with high quality materials, which I pre-wash and test myself before putting them out in the world (and I have high standards!)
  • TSHU’s been around for 10 years now and I pride myself on offering excellent service to my beloved customers
  • Still hesitant? Check out our reviews here on the website (in the footer or for individual products) or on Etsy! I’m pretty sure they will convince you that this is truly the best handkerchief out there.



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Personalized Embroidery

None, Monogram (1-3 characters), Name (4-8 characters), Words (9+ characters)

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