EDITH – Pink Handkerchief


Let yourself be tempted by EDITH’s sweet and gentle look. 

Handcrafted with lovely pink cotton poplin, this pink handkerchief brings elegance and simplicity to the table.

Wondering why in the world a hanky would be named EDITH? Just hold on a little bit longer! We bet you’ll be touched by her story and won’t want to resist her charms…

  • One pink handkerchief
  • 100% organic cotton poplin
  • 28 x 28 cm
  • One Edith in your pocket means one more tree on our planet
  • Made meticulously in the south of France

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Everything you want to know about EDITH

Everyone knows talented French singer Edith Piaf! Well, our Edith hanky stands proudly in honour of this legend. No need to overdo it, a simple pink handkerchief to remind us of “La vie en rose” (are you humming yet?). Let your life become brighter, better—and rosier—as you tackle the day with sweet sweet EDITH by your side.

Handkerchief Style

Simplicity, elegance. Our pink handkerchief is straightforward, no nonsense. No bold patterns, no extra fluff – just a solid pink colour, adorned with TSHU’s notorious red tag and a matching roll hem all-around. Made with pure pink cotton poplin, this pink handkerchief is also available in a similar two-ply version, for larger noses or massive colds.

The TSHU Promise

Here at TSHU, we like to offer you gorgeous designs – but that’s not all. By now, you probably know that we care deeply about the environment. So, we seize every chance we get to do something for our planet. If you fall in love and decide to adopt Edith (her sister, her mom or even her cousin) – we commit to planting a tree. The fact is, with all the paper tissues being used around the world, a LOT of trees are disappearing… So, to reinforce the impact of your good deed, we contribute by partnering with the We Forest foundation.

Wearing the Pink Handkerchief

Looking forward to a rosier life? Here are a few ways to make EDITH’s arrival smooth and simple. The great thing about this solid pink handkerchief is that its gentle hue goes with just about anything. You may think that its pink colour makes it a ladies handkerchief… Think again! We’ve seen very stylish men walk around with EDITH in their pocket. This baby is 100% unisex, we promise. As long as you have a heart, EDITH will love you. So, awaken your romantic side and adopt this sweet pink handkerchief. We’re convinced you won’t regret adding a little love to your daily life.



Additional information

Dimensions 28 × 28 cm

Plies of fabric









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