EUGENE – Blue Handkerchief (two-ply)


Opt for a vibrant look and adopt Eugene – our two-ply bright blue handkerchief, hand crafted by our skilled seamstresses in Montréal (Canada).

Why Eugene? Read on for an exciting story to recount at your next dinner party. Oh, and curious to learn how to wear the handkerchief and how to use it? Read on below for our [bold] guide to adopting (and really using) handkerchiefs. And if you’re not convinced yet, you might want to know that should you adopt Eugene, we’ll plant a tree. True Story.

  • One bright blue handkerchief
  • 29 x 29 cm approximately
  • The more you wash it, the more absorbent it will become.
  • Two plies of 100% cotton lawn (surprisingly lightweight as cotton lawn (2.3 oz) is so thin it’s almost translucent!)
  • Ethically crafted in the south of France
  • One tree planted for each adopted handkerchief

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The Story behind Eugene.

Eugene was inspired upon discovering the perfect shade of blue for a handkerchief.  Named after Michel-Eugène Chevreul for his contribution to the theory of colour and the precision with which he defined the different hues of blue, our Eugene handkerchief is vibrant yet works perfectly with any style or mood.

Style and Craftsmanship

This vibrant two-ply handkerchief is made from light and supple bright blue cotton lawn and is doubled up for more structure and absorbency. Ethically made in Montréal (Canada), this cotton hanky is an emblem of elegance and commitment – in fact, we commit to planting a tree for each adopted handkerchief. Thanks to its quality materials, the TSHU handkerchief is the perfect companion for daily life as it is both practical and durable – the quintessence of style and usefulness. Oh, and by the way, our hankies are not gender-specific. Ladies, gents – as long as you’re bold, this handkerchief’s perfect for you.


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