GILBERT (two-ply) – Navy Blue Handkerchief with White Polka Dots


Classics are timeless and Gilbert’s not an exception!

Opt for this lovely blue handkerchief featuring white polka dots -hand printed with care and ethically made from 100% certified organic cotton.

  • One very absorbent blue handkerchief
  • Approximate dimensions: 28 x 28 cm
  • Two plies of 100% organic cotton 
  • Front: white polka dots on navy blue poplin | Reverse: plain white organic sateen (silky, smooth!)
  • Ethically made in France
  • One tree planted for each adopted hanky

Sure! But why Gilbert? Read on please and we promise you’ll have something to chat about at your next business lunch. Below, we’ll also tell you more about how we make our handkerchiefs, why yours will last and why, by adopting one, you’ll make a difference for our planet on top of looking fab.

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Who’s Gilbert and what does he have to do with this blue handkerchief?

Upon discovering this lovely navy blue organic cotton, we had a vision of crisp, white polka dots delicately screen-printed on it. And what immediately came to mind was Gilbert Bécaud’s famous white spotted ties! Hence, to the sound of Bécaud’s hit “Et maintenant”, the lovely Gilbert handkerchief was born.

Sweat & Skill

This popular blue handkerchief is ethically made by hand by our skilled seamstresses. Featuring crisp white polka dots on navy organic cotton poplin, the two-ply Gilbert handkerchief is doubled up for more absorbency. On the reverse side, a lovely – silky-smooth – white organic cotton sateen that perfectly complements the pattern. So, which side are you on? Print of Plain?  

Durable, not disposable.

Thanks to its quality materials, this awesome blue handkerchief is THE thing you’ll never leave home without. Indeed, it’s soft and durable and even after many washes, it still looks damn good. TSHU hankies are made to last! Adopt yours and discover a world where beauty and usefulness go hand in hand.

Less of that, more of this!

Should you prefer a thinner, more traditional handkerchief, you’re in luck: our beautiful Gilbert hanky is also available in single ply, right here. Same great design, less fabric.

Ethical and eco-friendly

So we’ve covered the fact that our seamstresses work in ethical condition. Yes, it makes for a more expensive product, but it’s a small price to pay when we’re talking about human lives! But that’s not all we do at TSHU. We care about people, but we also care about our planet. Yup—adopting a TSHU handkerchief will ensure you save trees by wasting less paper tissues. But above that, we want to reinforce your gesture! So, we plant a tree for each adopted handkerchief (you can find out more about our commitment and us, right here!).

Additional information

Dimensions28 × 28 cm


Plies of fabric




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