GILBERT – Organic Navy Blue Handkerchief with White Polka Dots (two-ply)


GILBERT – Organic Navy Blue Handkerchief with White Polka Dots (two-ply)


Opt for the crowd-pleaser and adopt Gilbert – our classic navy blue organic cotton handkerchief with white polka dots, hand printed with care in Montréal (Canada).

Why Gilbert? Read on for an exciting story to recount at your next lunch meeting. Oh, and curious to learn how to wear the handkerchief and how to use it? Read on below for our [bold] guide to adopting (and really using) handkerchiefs. And if you’re not convinced yet, you might want to know that should you adopt Gilbert, we’ll plant a tree. True Story.

  • One 11’’ x 11’’ organic white spotted handkerchief
  • Two plies of 100% finely woven organic cotton sateen
  • Ethically hand-crafted in Montréal (Canada)
  • One tree planted for each adopted hanky

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Important! Between June 5 and July 30, TSHU will be moving from Montreal to Aix-en-Provence… During this period, it will unfortunately be impossible to benefit from express shipping and it is even possible that your order be fulfilled only late July. Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions! Thanks for understanding.

The Story behind Gilbert.

French singer Gilbert Bécaud is known for his energetic performances and his “lucky tie”. Best remembered for songs such as “Nathalie” and “Et maintenant”, Bécaud also became renowned for wearing a dark blue suit assorted with a white spotted blue tie. How could we resist!

Style and Craftsmanship.

This unique organic white spotted handkerchief features hand printed white polka dots on silky navy organic cotton and is doubled with smooth white organic cotton sateen, for a handkerchief that is still practical in size, but twice as absorbent. Ethically made in Montréal (Canada), this cotton hanky is an emblem of elegance and commitment – in fact, we commit to planting a tree for each adopted handkerchief. Thanks to its quality materials, the TSHU handkerchief makes for a practical and durable accessory you’ll never leave the house without – as it is the perfect alliance of style and usefulness. Oh, and FYI, our hankies are not gender-specific. Ladies, gents – as long as you’re bold, this handkerchief’s perfect for you.

How to wear the handkerchief.

Ok, now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s talk about the exciting stuff! Where to store your hanky (clean or dirty). Sure, gentlemen, you can get away with wearing Gilbert in the breast pocket of your jacket, as a pocket square. But the rebel with a cause wears it inside the pocket of his jacket and abides by the famous words: “One for show, one for blow”. Be creative. Gilbert also enjoys the back pocket of your jeans, the side flap of your briefcase or even your laptop bag. Just make sure it’s close enough to reach for when you need it the most! Ladies, forget your grandma’s sleeve! This fashionable handkerchief can be tucked pretty much anywhere as it is just thin enough to fit in your skinny jeans pockets, your bra (if you insist!) and even your boot. But, we’ve also concocted something special for optimal hygiene -> a practical case for transport that you can throw in your purse / diaper bag / executive briefcase and pull out anytime you see fit.

How to use the handkerchief [for the bold].

Now, how about how you use the handkerchief. Well, GO AHEAD, blow! And don’t be afraid, it dries (no really, it disappears, Copperfield style!). True story. Soon enough, you’ll be boasting your incredible skills at folding the hanky after using it, you’ll become an expert of snot origami, you will master the steps to handkerchief bliss: fold, store and reuse. And, if you have a large nose, a horrible cold or insufferable seasonal allergies, try the two-ply hanky: same convenient handkerchief size, twice the absorbency. Cyrano, we’ve got your back.

How to use the handkerchief [for the (just a little less) bold].

Yup, we’ve thought of everyone here! For those of you afraid of germs (it happens) but still excited by handkerchiefs, eager to make a difference for the environment? We’ve got suggestions for you too. Sweaty? Wipe your brow. Nervous? Wipe your hands! Sad? Wipe your tears. Hungry? Wipe your face. Clumsy? Wipe your spills. You get the drift… (and when no one’s looking, go ahead – give it a try, be bold and blow!)

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Dimensions28 x 28 cm




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