GILBERT – Navy Blue Hanky with White Polka Dots


GILBERT – Navy Blue Hanky with White Polka Dots


Gilbert’s good for the planet, and good for you!

Opt for the crowd pleaser and adopt Gilbert—our classic organic navy blue hanky with white polka dots.

  • One blue hanky with white polka dots
  • Approximate dimensions: 11” x 11”
  • 100% finely woven organic cotton sateen
  • Ethically handmade
  • One tree planted for each adopted handkerchief

Why Gilbert? Read on for an exciting story to recount at your next dinner party. We’ve also got some info for you on the piles of love and care—and hence quality— you’ll find in our hankies. And of course, find out about the impact you’ll have on our planet by opting for TSHU, on top of looking oh-so-fine.

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The Story behind Gilbert.

French singer Gilbert Bécaud is known for his energetic performances and his “lucky tie”. Best remembered for songs such as “Nathalie” and “Et maintenant”, Bécaud also became renowned for wearing a dark blue suit assorted with a white spotted blue tie. How could we resist!

Style and Craftsmanship.

This beautiful blue hanky features hand printed white polka dots on a single ply of light, supple, navy blue organic cotton sateen. Handmade with care in ethical conditions, it is one of our most popular styles: sleek, timeless and oh-so-soft.

Why your hanky will last.

TSHU handkerchiefs are made to last—and this blue hanky’s no exception. It will quickly become your closest companion—the one thing you never want to forget behind. Luckily, you can get attached, because thanks to its quality materials, your TSHU will resist the most unexpected uses and, of course, many, many washes. Yup—you’ve found it—the quintessence of lovely, useful and durable.

Large nose, large needs?

NO problem. Gilbert is also available in our famous two-ply version for a handkerchief that is still practical in size, but twice as absorbent.

Good for people, good for the planet.

So you already know that all our handkerchiefs are ethically made. Why? Because even if it means higher production costs, it’s unfathomable for us to think of making cheaper products by paying a human price. All our seamstresses have good working conditions. We keep regular contact with them and enjoy a truthfully pleasant relationship with them. But since we also aim to make a difference in the consumption of paper tissues and hence on our planet, we try to walk the walk and reinforce the actions you are making when you choose cotton hankies. That’s why we commit to planting a tree for each adopted handkerchief.

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