GUILLAUME – Black and White Handkerchief (two-ply)


In the great dynasty of hankies, we ask for Guillaume! 

This lovely black and white handkerchief features a unique pattern and is doubled with black organic sateen. La classe, right?

  • One black and white handkerchief
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm
  • Two plies of fabric, featuring a unique striped print on white cotton lawn in the front and a reverse made from solid black cotton sateen.
  • Yellow rolled hem
  • Handcrafted in France
  • You adopt Guillaume? We ask the We Forest Foundation to plant a tree.

Interested in learning more about this Guillaume character to impress your friends and colleagues? Read on and learn the full story. Disclaimer: you may not be able to resist our little black and white friend after that!

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The Tale of Guillaume

Guillaume: it might be the name of your neighbour’s son, of your best bud or even your colleague. But we bet you don’t know any other handkerchiefs that go by the name. So, why Guillaume? Well, to honour a friend who inspired this black and white handkerchief… Guillaume Wagner! No, not Richard Wagner, the renowned composer—Guillaume—a Quebec-based humourist that makes us cry with laughter. And you can only imagine how practical it is to have a hanky close by to wipe tears of joy!

Striped and Committed

You have a thing for Guillaume and are considering adoption? We promise you won’t regret it! Hand printed with great care, this black and white handkerchief does not go unnoticed. But Guillaume is more than a pretty face – it’s also made with high-quality fabric. In the front: lightweight cotton lawn, making it a supple, pleasant and soft hanky. Your very own Prince Charming in a cloth! And to bring usefulness to the mix – Guillaume is doubled up with black organic sateen, which contrasts beautifully with its yellow rolled hem. Oh Guillaume, he’ll know how to win your heart. 

At TSHU, we handcraft Guillaume with great care, in ethical conditions here in our little workshop based in the south of France. But that’s not all… Adopting Guillaume also means you’ll be planting a tree! To compensate for the massive deforestation, we partner up with the We Forest Foundation to plant a tree every time you purchase a hanky. Isn’t that undeniably the best reason to bring this gorgeous black and white handkerchief home with you?

Flaunt it!

Even if you’re super creative (we don’t doubt it), there aren’t a gazillion ways to sport the handkerchief. Sure, if you’re feeling sophisticated, you might wear this black and white handkerchief in your suit pocket. But despite its bold design, Guillaume likes to play it low-key. You can hence pack it in your backpack or store it in our practical hanky holder to ensure he stays clean and ready to serve. And, when you miss him too much, pull him out with a BANG! And blow, blow away.

The Adventurer’s Guide to Using Handkerchiefs

Now that Guillaume and you have decided to come together, what will you do with him? We warn you, he’ll get edgy if he is left aside for too long. Come on now, don’t be shy: pull him out of his hiding place, shake him once or twice, bury your nose comfortably and let the magic happen. The more generous you are with Guillaume, the more liberated you’ll feel.

Adventurous on weekends?

You heart this black and white handkerchief, but using him on a daily basis isn’t your thing just yet? Take your time! Guillaume has a lot to offer, anyways. 1_ Feeling sad? Guillaume will comfort you. 2_ Dirty computer screen, fingerprints on your eyeglasses? Guillaume will help you see better. And as if truly magical – Guillaume becomes better and softer with every wash. So much so, that you’ll eventually be tempted to bury your nose in its silky fabric. And yeah – you’ll most likely have a revelation: oh, how nice it is to blow your nose in cotton!

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