HENRI (two-ply) – Red Spotted Handkerchief


Meet Henri—our lovely red spotted handkerchief. 

A breath of fresh, summery air—delicate red polka dots on pure white organic cotton sateen. AND doubled-up for double the softness.

A red-spotted hanky named Henri? Yes, ma’am. Everything you know about this awesome fellow below, so you can tell the tale of your precious Henri next time you pull him out with elegance. 

  • One red spotted handkerchief
  • Dimensions 28 x 28 cm
  • Two plies of 100% organic cotton sateen 
  • Made in our France-based workshop
  • One Henri in your pocket means one more tree planted on our planet!

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Red Spotted Mountain Climber

Nope—Henri does not refer to Henri IV, Henri Dès or your great uncle Henri. Think again… BINGO! In 1933, Henri Desgrange—father figure of the Tour de France, decided that the “king of the mountains” should be rewarded as well for his efforts. Nowadays, the king of the mountain proudly wears the distinctive red polka dot jersey; another demonstration that elegance can be fought for. OK, so we know you may not necessarily be ready for the next Tour de France, but we think you still deserve this red spotted handkerchief!

All About the Style

The beautiful Red-Spotted Handkerchief we call Henri distinguishes itself thanks to its two thick plies of organic cotton and by its dreamy softness. It features delicate red polka dots on pure white fabric—the perfect print for fans of a classic yet playful look. On its reverse side, Henri is perfectly white. And if you love to look at the details, Henri will be a treat: notice the red woven label featuring our brand, matching perfectly with the polka dots. You might also appreciate the beautiful topstitching that frames Henri so perfectly! Unisex, this red spotted handkerchief will rapidly become your best bud—the perfect balance between practical and pretty.

The great thing about our red-spotted hanky is that it’s more than just a pretty face! In fact, Henri is born from our desire to create a durable, sustainable hanky that will last through time. Moreover, Henri’s elegant confection boasts hard work, which we commit to compensating fairly. Yes, our seamstresses are talented, but they’re also making such lovely hankies with a smile on their lips.

You & Henri

Super versatile, Henri’s not afraid of anything and will stay by your side anywhere you do. A fashion statement, Henri is a discreet friend for those moments when you are in need of some softness or absorption—Henri flaunts his pretty polka dots or stays put in your pocket, as you please. Gentlemen, slide Henri in your jean pocket, wool socks or computer bag. Ladies, store your hanky in your travel makeup kit or your cosmetic pouch. Even smarter—for ladies and gents—fold your red spotted handkerchief neatly and pack him into our Casey hanky holder. You won’t enjoy the endless hide and seek games as you search for him—but hey, there’s something to be said about efficiency. 🙂

The Wild Guide

Henri’s a good friend for allergies and mean colds—and much, much more elegant than that pile of used paper tissues lying on the floor. Do you like to share? Pull out your red spotted handkerchief when all eyes are on you, bury your nose right in its centre and blow, blow away. As the magic happens, you can smoothly refold and move sideways, finding a fresh spot for your nostrils. Don’t forget to fold him up nicely before placing him back in your pocket or handbag, to avoid any gooey messes… And of course, don’t forget to give Henri a good clean once in a while! ’Cause eco-friendly doesn’t mean dirty!

The ‘Softer’ Solution

You’ll be happy to know that there are several other ways to use Henri if blowing your nose in cotton terrifies you. A handkerchief serves more than one purpose! In fact, we assure you that handkerchiefs are happy to fulfill other needs than your nose’s. Sometimes, Henry enjoys different activities, such as mopping your sweaty forehead, scrubbing the corners of your mouth, or even rescuing your coffee table after a spill. What’s more, Henri _, as you well know,_ is a fan of sports. As you lead the Tour de France on your bike? This red spotted handkerchief will be there to soothe you. And if you’re not into sports at all, it doesn’t matter—Henri will dry your tears as you teach your kid how to ride a bike and weep with pride.

Additional information

Weight 32 g


Plies of fabric






Very Thick



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