IAN – Pink, Green and Orange Camo Handkerchief


Have you heard of Ian? This lovely camo handkerchief boasts exquisite colors. 

Featuring a green and orange camouflage pattern, it’s truly unique. And don’t get us started on its suppleness and softness!

Ian… What a great name for a cotton handkerchief! In what honor, might you wonder? Discover the tale of Ian just a little farther down below and buff up on art history. Then, spread your knowledge at the next family dinner and impress Grandpa George!

  • One camo handkerchief
  • 100% cotton lawn, ultra-light and soft
  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 cm
  • One tree planted every time Ian joins your collection
  • Made with lots and lots of love

Please note that our Ian handkerchief can’t be customized with personalized embroidery.

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Our handkerchiefs are handmade with the utmost care and only high quality materials.

Made to measure handkerchiefs

Made to measure

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Good all-around

Good all-around

Good for your nose and good for the planet. Our hankies tenderly help you reduce waste.

1 TSHU = 1 tree

1 TSHU = 1 tree

Why stop at reducing waste? We plant a tree for each item you take home with you.


The Tale of Ian

Once upon a time, there was a man called Hamilton Finlay. Have you heard of him? This famous artist has left quite a heritage… In the art world—but also on handkerchiefs, this one in particular. And since we love love love art—we wanted to honor Mr. Finlay’s talent. Yes, we should all have a little of Ian in our lives!

Backstage With Ian

Ian, our fave camo handkerchief is neat, slim and oh-so-soft. Featuring a unique pattern with orange and green camouflage on a pale pink piece of fabric, Ian is truly chic. This cool handkerchief is made a single ply of lightweight cotton lawn that is soft to the touch, supple and superfine. Stylish like no other, this camo handkerchief also boasts bright, bold orange topstitching! The Rolls Royce of all handkerchiefs!

Here at TSHU we love to make the best handkerchiefs (we promise our head still fits in the door). And the way we do that is that we try to see handkerchiefs as more than a stylish accessory. You see, we also want our hankies to have an impact on how people consume … and ideally, reinforce the impact! So, if you adopt our dear camo handkerchief, we commit to planting a tree. Fewer paper tissues, less waste, more trees (’cause you help save them and we plant more). Win-win-win.

Sporting the Camo Handkerchief

Ian now belongs to your family… And it’s truly a blissful arrangement. But how to give thanks to such a lovely cotton hanky? How you wear the handkerchief is totally up to you, but hey, while we’re on the subject, here are a few ideas. You see, Ian is quite colorful, with its cool camouflage pattern… So he can glam up pretty much any outfit. If you’re a classic kinda guy or gal, you can wear Ian discretely, letting him protrude just enough from your pocket so others can catch a glimpse (and so you don’t forget he’s there—yup, he’s that slim.). Perhaps you’re out there and you’re not afraid of letting everyone know. Then, go nuts. Play with contrasts. Mix and match. Pair Ian with a crazy pattern. Military-style all-around. And, if you’re just one of these people who like to keep to themselves—hey, just keep Ian’s beauty to yourself. No one will hate you for being selfish, you have all the rights. Then, simply fold Ian neatly and stuff him in your pocket or hanky holder.

First encounters…

This gorgeous camo handkerchief now belongs to your everyday life. Congrats!! But what are you going to do with him, now that you know to keep him close? Yes, Ian is a work of art, so you could frame him and hang him on a wall for everyone to admire. But at some point, you’re going to have to let go. Ian’s got superpowers. He is quite absorbent, despite his fine silhouette. So don’t be afraid, be generous. Blow your nose like never before. The great thing about your camo handkerchief is that it will conceal whatever needs to stay between the two of you— ni vu ni connu. But hey, don’t let that keep you from giving him a good clean once in a while, huh?

But first, a flirt?

Sure. If you’re a little shy, you don’t have to go all the way on your first date with Ian. This camo handkerchief will be perfectly happy to standby patiently and wait until you’re ready. But in the meantime, remember that Ian hates being useless. So ask him for anything. He’ll be happy to polish your eyeglasses, wipe the corner of your mouth, dry your tears if you’re feeling a little shaky, or if you’ve laughed yourself into a state.

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