LEONARD – Pink Skulls Handkerchief


Opt for rocker chic and adopt Leonard – our bold pink skulls handkerchief with black & white skulls and bones pattern, hand printed with care in Montréal (Canada).

Why Leonard? Read on for an exciting story to recount at your next dinner party. Oh, and curious to learn how to wear the handkerchief and how to use it? Read on below for our [bold] guide to adopting (and really using) handkerchiefs. And if you’re not convinced yet, you might want to know that should you adopt Leonard, we’ll plant a tree. True Story.

  • One 11’’ x 11’’ skulls handkerchief
  • 100% finely woven pink cotton sateen (FYI 4.3 oz weight = quite absorbent and agreeably thick)
  • Ethically handmade in Montréal (Canada)
  • One tree planted for each adopted handkerchief

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The Story behind Leonard.

We all know Leonardo da Vinci (aka Leonard or Lenny) for his famous Mona Lisa, but some of Da Vinci’s groundbreaking work has been found to be in his anatomical studies. Fascinated by the human body, Leonard even performed dissections to fully understand the skeleton and musculature. Mr. Da Vinci – we salute your work!


Style and Craftsmanship.

This unique skulls handkerchief features hand printed skulls and bones on thick, soft pink cotton. Leonard is also available in our famous two-ply version for a handkerchief that is still practical in size, but twice as absorbent. Ethically made in Montréal (Canada), this cotton hanky boasts an unusual shape with its folded corner neatly sown into place. Its embroidered brand, TSHU, is a seal of elegance and commitment – in fact, we commit to planting a tree for each adopted handkerchief. Thanks to its quality materials, the TSHU handkerchief makes for a practical and durable accessory you’ll never leave the house without – as it is the perfect alliance of style and usefulness. Oh, and FYI, our hankies are not gender-specific. Ladies, gents – as long as you’re bold, this skull handkerchief’s perfect for you.


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