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TSHU | Linen Napkins


Waste reduction & Pleasure can go hand in hand!

Discover the great feeling of wiping your hands in mouth in linen – a soft, thick, absorbant fabric. Nah – these are not just for special occasions! Make every day a special day – one where you help save the planet and you can dine in style.

Between February 9 and 24, TSHU will be resting. Delivery will thus be temporarily interrupted. Thanks for understanding!

Linen napkins are soft and thick!

Measuring some 45 x 45 cm, these lovely linen napkins are just large enough to be folded nicely – or to wrap a delicious sandwich.

You can take your linen napkin anywhere – with a snack, a wrap – just as long as it helps you say no to paper towels 🙂 You can also greet your dinner guests with these chic linens, or rub your little one’s cheeks after a meal.

Choose between our grey or blue napkin, and benefit from a hefty discount if you purchase several napkins!


NOTE: linen is one of these things hat simply gets better with time! The more you wash them, the more absorbant and soft they will become. 

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