SYBIL – Grey linen napkin (two-ply)


Have you met Sybil?

For grand occasions or for grand everydays, our grey linen napkin is sure to please!

Supple, soft and oh-so-elegant, linen napkins give that chic touch to meal times. Made from quality Italian linen and lined with organic cotton poplin, these babies will last a lifetime! And, the more you wash them, the softer and more absorbent they’ll get.

  • Grey linen napkin
  • 32 x 32 cm
  • 100% Italian linen, lined with organic certified cotton poplin
  • Sown with love in Provence
  • For every linen napkin you purchase, we’ll plant a tree!
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Sybil is our lovely linen cloth napkin—all grey and oh-so-elegant. Lined with cotton, it is soft to the touch and pleasantly thick. Oh yes, Sybil knows how to please! To whom does this refined cloth companion pay tribute to? This is Sybil Connolly—Jacqueline Kennedy’s famous stylist: a fairy-handed woman described as “a national treasure” for her mastery of textures, especially linen.

Waste reduction & Pleasure can go hand in hand!

Discover the great feeling of wiping your hands and mouth in linen—a soft, thick, absorbent fabric. Nah—these are not just for special occasions! Make every day a special day—one where you help save the planet and you can dine in style.

Linen napkins are soft and thick!

Measuring some 32 x 32 cm, our lovely grey linen napkin is just large enough to be folded nicely—or to wrap a delicious sandwich.

You can take your linen napkin anywhere—with a snack, a wrap—just as long as it helps you say no to paper towels. You can also greet your dinner guests with these chic linens, or rub your little one’s cheeks after a meal.

NOTE: linen is one of these things that simply gets better with time! The more you wash them, the more absorbent and soft they will become.

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