JAMES (two-ply) – White Handkerchief


The white handkerchief your dreams are made of… Two plies of organic cotton sateen, twice the absorbency. Yup, James’s the quintessential white hanky.

  • All white handkerchief
  • Approximate dimensions: 29 x 29 cm
  • Finely woven sateen, two plies of 100% organic cotton
  • Made a la mano in Provence
  • You adopt James? We plant a tree.

Dying to learn how our gorgeous white handkerchief got his cute little name? Read on, we’ll give you the scoop. We’ll also tell you all about James’s pedigree: how it’s made, where and why it’s so wonderful. Stay tuned!

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James’s Secret Story.

Our James handkerchief is an ode to ultimate sophistication! All white, this pure, sober handkerchief reminded us of the elegance and sophistication of Don Draper and yes—James Bond. With its crisp, timeless look, our white handkerchief is dangerously stylish. How can you resist? After all, if 007 adopted it…

Twice the fun.

Oh-so-pure, timeless James is hand-sewn with love in true ethical conditions. And when it comes down to durability, James’s pretty hard to beat. Made from two plies of quality cotton, this white handkerchief is resistant to every use—and every wash. Oh yes, James promises to stay true to you through thick and thin.

Single, too!

If you heart thinner, single ply hankies but you’re really a white-handkerchief-kinda-person—it’s all good—we’ve created Dwight for you. With popping red topstitching, he’s a vibrant, fresh, slicker version of the James hanky. Don’t be shy, check him out!

Behind the scenes…

Of course, this handsome white handkerchief is precious enough to flaunt—but really, it’s meant to serve. Keep him close and reach out to him in times of need. With his two plies of fabric, James is ultra-reliable and will absorb everything you throw at him. Once relieved, simply fold him neatly, put away and reuse. You’ll be happy to know that James dries nicely between uses.

The TSHU commitment.

We know you care and hey—we do too. That’s why we’re proud to offer sustainable, quality cotton handkerchief so you can help save some trees. And because we like to go the extra mile, we also commit to planting a tree every time someone falls in love with our smart-looking white handkerchief and decides to take him home.

Additional information

Weight 31 g

Plies of fabric







Very Thick


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