TSHU in resting mode, from December 26 till January 8!

Tomorrow, I’ll be 40! This year, for my birthday, I decided to gift myself simplicity, rest, love and slowing down.

This may sound funny, but these past few months, I’ve learned to slow down, I’ve finally learned to listen to myself more and I’ve finally understood that it’s super important to care for myself, too.

All that to say that from December 26 until January 8, I won’t be at the shop! I’ll answer my emails a couple of times during this period and I’ll still be accepting orders, but everything will stop during these few days. No sewing, no embroidering, no back and forth to the post office… Just snow, fresh air, puzzles, a good book, fires and family.

I’ll be back in top shape on January 8 for a new year filled with projects, new ideas and loads of cool gestures for our beloved planet.

Until then, I wish you to find and experience whatever fills you up and to exist at a rhythm that you enjoy, and dream of what’s coming.

With all my heart,


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