Shipping and Returns

Our shipping policy


TSHU handkerchiefs are made to travel the world with no limits, which is why shipping is free, worldwide. This shipping option does not include tracking and may take up to twice as long to arrive at destination. Orders are usually mailed within a week – and at the most within eight (8) business days.

STANDARD SHIPPING (France: 2€ / Rest of the world: 5€)

With a small extra fee, this shipping option includes tracking and tends to arrive faster! Orders are usually mailed within a week – and at the most within eight (8) business days.

EXPRESS SHIPPING (France: 6€ / Rest of the world: 8€)

If you’re in a hurry, you can pay a flat fee and we’ll put on our superhero gloves so your order can be mailed (with tracking) within two (2) business day!


All handkerchiefs are shipped from France, along with the paper declarations that are required to avoid any delays at customs. Typically, they take approximately 6 to 8 business days to arrive (12 to 20 with free shipping) – but with the pandemic or during the holidays, your package can take up to 20 business days to arrive. Thankfully, it’s not usually the case! As per France and Europe, shipping delays are usually shorter: J+2 in France, and approximately 3 business days for the rest of Europe.


All packages – except those sent through free shipping – are mailed with a tracking number through local postal services (La Poste in France, then transferred to your local postal service) in an envelope that fits in most mailboxes.

Our return or exchange policy

TSHU handkerchiefs are not sold, they’re adopted – and pretty intimate stuff happens between you and your TSHU, so like most hygiene products out there, we don’t accept returns.


And if you’re unsure about what handkerchief is best suited to your needs before making your purchase, we’re here to help – via chat, email or even by phone! Don’t be shy.


That being said, if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’re pretty friendly, so don’t hesitate to email us!