Sneak peek + win a hanky with YOUR story!

These days, we’re busy working on our fall collection! Which fabrics we’ll be working with, how they will come together and of course, how to answer your various requests for new styles and new sizes! 

We’re also brainstorming new stories and names for all these lovely new styles.

I’d LOVE to invite you to take part in this creative process! 

As you may know, our handkerchiefs have names and a story behind each name. 

blue handkerchiefs

For instance, LOUISE was named after Madonna “Louise” Ciccone, because of her song “True Blue” (you guessed it, the LOUISE hanky is truly blue!)

RUTH— A coral-coloured hanky—was created in homage to Dr. Ruth Gates, a brilliant scientist and activist, renowned for her pioneering work protecting coral reefs across the globe!

cotton handkerchief with geometric print

And our MOSHE handkerchief was named in honour of architect Moshe Safdie, who designed Habitat 69—a fascinating Lego-like construction in Montreal that inspired this unique pattern!

Are you feeling inspired?

Here are a few samples to get your creative juices flowing:

And here are the few simple rules to follow:

  1. No religion or politics
  2. No personal stories
  3. Participate as many times as you’d like and for as many handkerchiefs as you want (no limits).
  4. Send in your stories through our contact page before August 30, 2022. Be sure to include details about the person you want to name the hanky in honour of, and explain the link with the look of the handkerchief!

On August 31st, we’ll choose the various stories for our new fall collection handkerchiefs. If your story is chosen, you’ll receive that handkerchief free of charge when the new collection is launched!

I look forward to hearing your stories 🙂


new handkerchiefs

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