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softest handkerchief

It’s here! The softest handkerchief in the world. And it’s all thanks to you. 

Because of us?

Yes! We love to hear from you and feedback, of all sorts, helps us improve every day. When you share ideas, any constructive criticism, your needs and, of course, when you express your satisfaction, we get to work. We make adjustments, we research new materials, we think up new styles and we get them out there. This week’s newbie? The flannel handkerchief—a super thick, soft handkerchief you’ll want to grab and keep close during the holidays.

What is it made of?

As you may know, our cotton sateen handkerchiefs are extremely soft—so much so, that you may be wondering how a handkerchief could possibly be softer. Well, we urge you to meet KURT, the flannel handkerchief—made entirely from cream-coloured organic cotton flannel. While cotton sateen is silky and smooth, flannel is fluffy and oh-so-comforting. It’s soft, almost like a cloud or a cozy cocooning blanket. We promise, you’ll simply want to bury your nose in this handkerchief, all day long!

softest handkerchief detail

What does it look like?

Comfort and style don’t always go hand in hand—but in this case, KURT can totally pull off the “comfort” look. Off-white with a red rolled edge that matches its red tag, KURT takes his role as the “softest handkerchief” seriously. 

How is it made?

Like all our handkerchiefs, the softest handkerchief on earth is made in our little workshop based in the south of France. Its red rolled edge is sown meticulously and finished with great care. In fact, in every corner, the thread is neatly tucked into the hem to ensure your handkerchief doesn’t unravel with the many washes. You got it—KURT is made to last.

how our softest handkerchief is made

How does this soft handkerchief compare to regular cotton hankies?

  • It’s thicker—kind of like our very thick two-ply handkerchiefs.
  • It’s fluffier. Flannel is sort of like a plaid shirt, or a cozy blanket.
  • Like regular cotton sateen, one side is more pleasant to blow your nose on, but in the case of flannel, you’ll quickly know which side you prefer, as the reverse is nowhere as soft as its front.

How to use this soft wonder of a hanky?

Just like a regular handkerchief! Since it’s quite thick, we recommend storing it in our Casey hanky holder between uses. There, it will dry nicely without getting wrinkled and will stay in place effortlessly.

softest handkerchief in denim hanky holder
KURT, resting softly in our Casey handkerchief holder.

Can your softest handkerchief be personalized with embroidery?

YES! Embroidery works well on flannel. We can definitely customize your soft handkerchief if you wish. We can personalize it with your initials or your full name. Learn more about these options here and get your KURT hanky customized!

Where to buy these soft handkerchiefs?

Right here on the TSHU online shop! Since it’s new, the quantities are limited, but our KURTs have already seduced quite a few people in the past few days, so we’re likely to make more! 

So, is it the softest handkerchief, ever?

Email us and tell us your thoughts! 

Happy holidays from the whole TSHU team 🙂

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