Spotlight on the Zero Waste Starter Kit

It’s a great zero-waste gift—and a must-have to start your journey towards a greener lifestyle. The Zero Waste Starter Kit allows you to test several alternatives to disposable products, without having to break the bank! 

In this article, discover our cool zero waste starter kit in detail, as well as the recommended uses for each of the items we’ve included in the kit.

Zero waste product #1: an organic handkerchief trio 

  • We call them: Hank
  • They are three small unbleached cotton handkerchiefs with a colourful rolled hem
  • They measure 20 × 20 cm
  • They are made of certified organic cotton sateen

How to use: these 3 small organic handkerchiefs are ideal for blowing your nose every day. They are light, pretty and easy to wash.

Ultra practical, our trio of organic cotton handkerchiefs will equip you for everyday life! Made from certified organic cotton sateen, these small handkerchiefs are very soft. The hankies are finished with a variety of colourful hems, chosen by the seamstress. (The seamstress is quite nice, so please let us know if you have any preferences and we will be happy to accommodate you if we can!)

Zero-waste product # 2: the black flannel handkerchief

  • His name is Kurt
  • It’s a beautiful, thick, super soft, all black handkerchief
  • It measures 28 × 28 cm
  • It is made of certified organic cotton flannel

How to use: This thick, absorbent and super soft handkerchief is soothing when you’re sick and practical for dealing with nosebleeds or spills.

More absorbent than the small organic cotton handkerchiefs, this certified organic cotton flannel handkerchief is all black with a red rolled hem. It is a must-have in our opinion, as it allows you to manage nosebleeds and absorb spills effectively on a daily basis. It will also be your best ally in case of a cold, as it is incomparably soft. And if you’re looking to add to your small handkerchief collection, Kurt has two brothers: an all-white flannel handkerchief and an unbleached cotton flannel.

handkerchief holder

Zero-waste product # 3: the cute handkerchief case

  • Her name is Adele
  • It’s a small yellow hanky holder to store your favourite handkerchief.
  • It measures 11 × 11.5 cm
  • It is made of certified organic cotton poplin

How to use: This lovely case keeps your handkerchief clean all day until you’re ready to use it again!

When you first start using handkerchiefs, you don’t always know how to deal with a soiled handkerchief. This is why we thought you would appreciate having a small hanky holder handy, to store your handkerchief when it’s been used. You can then slip the handkerchief holder into your bag, jacket or pocket with complete peace of mind.

Zero waste product # 4: the cloth napkin

  • We call it: Kikko
  • It’s a yellow napkin with a beautiful Japanese pattern
  • It measures 45 × 40 cm
  • It is made of oeko-tex certified cotton cretonne

How to use: This napkin will accompany you at every meal—at home, on the run or at work.

The cotton napkin is extremely practical for everyday use at home, on the road and even in the office. It can be used for days on end and saves you from using paper napkins, disposable takeout wrapping or paper towels every day. Plus, it’s truly lovely with its yellow pattern—so we bet it will make you smile! Oh—and also know that it’s been designed to last a long, long time… In our house, we’ve had the same napkins for over 8 years and most of them still look great (I say most of them, because some kids wear out their things faster than others)!

reusable paper towels handmade with care

Zero Waste Product #5: Reusable Paper Towels

  • Her name is Sophie
  • It is a washable paper towel
  • It measures approximately 28 × 28 cm
  • It is made of cotton flannel and lined with ultra-soft and absorbent oeko-tex microfleece

How to use: she cleans and absorbs everything in the kitchen. In fact, she cleans everything and absorbs everything everywhere!

A zero-waste kitchen must-have, reusable paper towels are perfect for cleaning countertops and your kitchen table as well as managing all the little spills. They’re also great for drying vegetables before you cook them—or polishing the top of the oven after washing it. You’ll be wowed by their superior absorbency and we bet that paper towels will soon be a distant memory… Yep, washable paper towels are much more pleasant to use than their disposable alternative—and they dry superfast too!

If you love Sophie and are considering building a collection of reusable paper towels, know that they can be wrapped around a paper towel holder because the sheets naturally stick together!

You can add these other great essentials to your zero waste starter kit.

If you have small children

You may want to complete your zero-waste starter kit with a bamboo washcloth for bathtime or cleaning up after meals. Made from certified organic cotton poplin and lined with organic bamboo terry cloth, these pretty washcloths are ultra convenient for everyday use with children.

We also recently launched ultra-soft washable diaper wipes! Thanks to these, you can avoid using disposable wipes or cotton pads. Again, they’re super easy to care for so you can focus on more exciting things than laundry!

reusable diaper wipes

If you want to include your beauty routine in the mix.

You might want to check out our super soft make-up remover pads! Moistened with a little bit of micellar water, they’re easy to use and very easy to care for! And they come in a variety of cute colours and patterns.

If you’re thinking of giving this zero waste starter kit as a gift.

Consider having one or more of the zero waste products in this kit personalized with our embroidery option! You can embroider initials, the name of a love one or even a short message, as you wish.

So, are you ready to get started? To encourage you to begin your zero waste journey, we’re even offering you an additional 10% discount on your zero-waste starter kit with the code nowismytime.

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