The Best Handkerchiefs for Your Allergies

This week, a lovely lady contacted me through our Dream Handkerchief quiz, because she wanted to find the perfect handkerchiefs to deal with her allergies. 

She initially thought she wanted a rather thin handkerchief, but was unsure which style to try first. On my part, I tend to recommend thick, highly absorbent handkerchiefs to deal with allergies, as I appreciate being able to use the handkerchief several times in a day, when my nose is running like a leaky faucet. 

best handkerchiefs for allergies

As I considered her request, I realized that thickness is rather subjective: some like their handkerchief nice and thin, and others prefer a thicker fabric to bury their nose in—whatever they use it for. But the ONE common thing is: EVERYONE wants the softest fabric to soothe their nose. Yup, since the handkerchief is being used repeatedly, it’s that important to have one that is made with a soft fabric that won’t irritate the skin, no matter what thickness it is!

Having thought this through, I ended up recommending that she try four incredibly soft handkerchiefs of various thicknesses. And once I put the assortment together, I thought they looked so lovely together that it would be sad not to share this amazing set of handkerchiefs with my beloved community! 

So without any further ado, I’m happy to introduce you to what I consider to be the Best Handkerchiefs for Your Allergies. 

As I mentioned previously, I wanted to create a set that featured super soft handkerchiefs of various thicknesses. Here are the ones I decided to include in the set, and why.

Floral Handkerchief

GUSTAV— Floral Handkerchief

I ADORE this floral handkerchief, because it is made with the softest, lightest cotton lawn. The fabric is finely woven, almost silky to the touch and thanks to its lightness, it fits into any pocket without making a bulge. 

The handkerchief features a lovely pattern with colourful wildflowers and is framed with bright red edging. It measures 28 × 28 cm and like all the fabrics I handpick, this one is of high quality and promises to last a long time.

HANK— Natural Organic Handkerchief

This timeless handkerchief is made with silky smooth natural organic cotton sateen. Slightly thicker than our floral handkerchief, it’s still rather thin and is our best-selling EDC handkerchief, hands down. 

In this set, I’ve included one that is framed with tone on tone edging. It’s elegant, simple and made to last.

set of organic cotton handkerchiefs - high quality handmade cotton hankies

red and black plaid handkerchief with black gothic monogram

LEE— Red Plaid Handkerchief

Ah, Lee… One of my personal faves. Featuring a lovely red and black checkered pattern, this super-soft flannel handkerchief offers a comforting nest for your nose.

It is soft on both sides and is made with thin flannel, which makes it versatile and fun to carry around. In my opinion, it’s the perfect Fall Weather Handkerchief, which is why I always carry one around when the cold weather creeps in and my nose starts to drip when I step out into the crisp outdoors!

CLARK— Luxurious Blue Handkerchief

Clark is plush, thick, highly absorbent and incredibly luxurious. Made with high quality flannel, it is soft on both sides and features a delicate herringbone pattern on vibrant blue fabric.

I love love love the extra comfort that Clark offers, thanks to its thickness. It’s a must-have if your nose runs like a faucet, as it won’t become drenched too quickly.

Set of the Best Handkerchiefs for Allergies

Ready to try out this set of handkerchiefs for your allergies?

Now that you’ve met all four handkerchiefs, I’d like to invite you to check out the set that brings them all together! By opting for the set, you’ll get one of each of the above handkerchiefs, at a discounted rate. This way, you can sample each one and decide what fabric you like best to pamper your nose! You can also choose to use our thinner styles to dab at your eyes, and the thicker to deal with your runny eyes. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up loving each and every one of them as much as I do 🙂.

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact me and discuss your needs! I’m always happy to make personalized recommendations to make sure you fall head over heels in love with your brand new handkerchiefs.

Need more info on allergies?

You might enjoy discovering my tips for softening the impact of your allergies! 

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