The best reusable makeup remover pad in the world 

Today, I’m so proud to share with you what I think is the best reusable makeup remover pad in the whole wide world!

My motivation: dissatisfaction

For years, I’ve tried a variety of reusable makeup remover pads—bamboo cotton rounds, cotton pads, microfibre makeup remover pads… Lots of little pieces of cloth that I had high hopes for! 

But in the end, all these small reusable round makeup remover pads were complicated to wash, because given their size, it was necessary to put them in a little net to 1_ avoid them getting lost in the washing machine and 2_ avoid them clogging the drain when being washed (check!)

The other thing that bothered me was that there was always something wrong with the materials: the softer makeup pads became super unattractive after 2–3 uses (stained, grayish—in short, even clean, they didn’t make you want to use them)—or the material became rough and irritated the skin of my sensitive little eyes—or, the facial rounds were too or not absorbent enough for my makeup remover (so I ended up getting loads of makeup remover in my eyes—OUCH—or the pads irritated my eyelids, because the cotton was too absorbent and ended up feeling too dry).

You might be thinking I didn’t have the right makeup remover… But I’m resourceful! So of course, I also tried a bunch of makeup removers to find the perfect balance: biphase makeup remover, oil-free makeup remover, a few drops of argan oil, micellar water… And so on and so forth. 

reusable cotton pads

Victory! The birth of the perfect wipe

All this to say that after several years of unsuccessful attempts, I was still not satisfied—but I wasn’t ready to give up! I thought it was too sad to go back to disposable makeup remover pads (which, by the way, left annoying little fluff between my lashes!)

So when I learned to sew in the fall of 2019, I challenged myself to create the world’s softest makeup remover wipe. A wipe that would absorb just enough, but not too much makeup remover, a wipe that would stay beautiful even after it was used. You got it: he best makeup remover wipe in the world! 

The good news is that according to my criteria, I succeeded! And I even managed to make it doubly eco-friendly, since it’s partly made with fabric scraps too small to make handkerchiefs. Oh yes, by making our reusable makeup remover pads at TSHU, we also recycle our fabric scraps!

reusable makeup remover wipes

So what is this wonderful wipe made of?

The reusable makeup remover pad that I offer on the TSHU website and that I use daily, if only to clean my eyelids (recommended by my optometrist whom I love dearly, when you have dry eyes!) is made with:

> A thin layer of cotton (recuperated from our fabric scraps)

> A layer of certified oeko-tex microfleece 

It is with the microfleece side that I remove my make-up and I swear, it’s so soft that you can wipe your eyelid like 3 or 4 times and your skin will not become irritated. Even when the wipe is no longer brand new. 

reusable makeup pads

How to use this reusable makeup remover pad

It’s really simple to remove your makeup with this wonderful reusable makeup remover pad:

  1. First, pour a few drops of micellar water on a corner of the makeup remover wipe.
  2. Then, wipe your eyelid, starting from the nose towards the ear (another tip from my optometrist!)
  3. Next, pick a new corner of your cotton pad and pour a few more drops of micellar water on it.
  4. Wipe down your second eyelid.
  5. Repeat if necessary with a clean corner of the wipe each time
  6. Then, toss the wipe in the wash, because it’s always better to remove your makeup with a fresh, clean wipe!
makeup pads

How to wash the reusable makeup remover wipe?

As you may know, I’m not very domestic at heart. The less time I spend doing dishes, laundry and cleaning, the better off I am. So as soon as there are huge compromises to make in order to adopt a new eco-friendly habit, I give up!

So you can imagine, this wonderful reusable makeup remover pad that I’ve been using daily for a year now doesn’t require any special treatment. You got it. Just wash it with the rest of your clothes, towels or sheets—at 30 degrees and it comes out clean—and looking neat, too!

Here’s proof: on the left, I took a picture of a brand new makeup remover wipe (never used!). And on the right, it’s a similar wipe that I’ve been using for a year almost daily – so washed and used dozens of times.

reusable makeup remover wipes

How many reusable makeup remover pads should you purchase to trade in your disposable cotton pads for their eco-friendly alternative?

The truth is that it depends on your lifestyle! 

In my house, we do several washes a week (thanks, kids!) So I can easily get by with a very small collection of wipes. I use one a day, to give my eyes the best possible hygiene conditions. So 3 or 4 wipes are more than enough for me, since I can wash them every 3 days or so.

If you’re more of a one-laundry-a-week kind of person, you could start with a small set of 6 or 9 wipes. And, if you only wear makeup occasionally, a set of 3 wipes will be more than enough.

Any questions before you make the leap?

Either way, if you have any questions before adopting the world’s best makeup remover wipe, I’m here to answer them so feel free to send me your questions via the website or through Facebook or Instagram. I read and respond to all of your messages, daily!

Otherwise… I’d love for you to discover these beautiful wipes on my online shop!

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