✨ The Eco-Friendly Habit CONTEST ✨

What is the eco-friendly habit that you found most easy to change?

It could be anything from starting to recycle to buying second-hand, or swapping paper napkins for reusable cloth napkins—and even adopting (YES, WE LOVE IT!!) the cotton handkerchief!! 

Or if you’re way down that road, it could be making your own laundry detergent or bulk shopping… Anything goes. 

We just want to know what it was that made an impact in your life and did not require too much effort, in your opinion!

And if you haven’t made any steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle yet don’t worry, you can share what you think you’d like to change first, and you’ll qualify to win our contest, too!

To participate in our special contest

🔴 Go to our Facebook or Instagram page
🟠 Please make sure you are following us ✅
🟡 Comment the CONTEST post in our feed and tell us your story!
🟢 Tag 2 people that you think would consider changing their habits, just like you 🤗

The winner can pick out their favourite zero waste essential

🔴 Our small Pocahontas handkerchief
🟠 Gilbert, a twoply spotted hanky
🟡 A soft flannel handkerchief named Kurt
🟢 A cotton cloth napkin called Nami
🔵 A super soft spotted makeup remover pad
🟣 An ultra-absorbent reusable paper towel
⚪️ A red organic cotton sateen handkerchief: Scarlet

Please note that the contest ends this Friday, February 4 at midnight, central European time!

Good luck ❤️

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