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Are you planning your Big Day? Are you considering including handkerchiefs in your celebration? Whatever you have in mind, I’d love to hear about it! Nothing makes me happier than helping you dream up the perfect hanky… And of course, making your dreams come true!

custom wedding handkerchiefs for bride and groom

Over the years, I’ve handcrafted a great variety of gorgeous wedding handkerchiefs, some for the bride, some for the groom… Some more Mom and Dad and quite a few for the groomsmen and bridesmaids! All, made with the utmost care and attention—some, shipped quickly to accommodate a bride or groom-to-be… Others tailored to the wedding’s theme or colours.

My fave custom wedding handkerchiefs!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favourite wedding handkerchiefs!

If you’d like to chat about YOUR Big Day, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

In need of a little guidance?

Here are a few pointers that might come in handy as you design the perfect wedding handkerchief for your Big Day.

The Ideal Wedding Handkerchief Size

TSHU handkerchiefs come in 4 practical sizes, from small to extra-large.

  • Small: 20 × 20 cm
  • Standard: 28 × 28 cm
  • Large: 34 × 34 cm
  • Extra-Large: 40 × 40 cm
handkerchief size

Now for weddings, the most popular sizes vary according to whom they are for. 

The bride’s handkerchief is almost always small, as this format wraps perfectly around the bride’s bouquet. The bridesmaids handkerchiefs also tend to be small, as the hankies will be small enough to fit in a tiny clutch or remain in their hands as they hold flowers. As for the father and mother of the bride and groom, I’ve also made mostly small handkerchiefs.

On the men’s side, groomsmen usually opt for standard size, as this handkerchief size looks great in the suit pocket and it can be pulled out any time emotions arise. As for the groom himself, I’ve seen quite a few lovely love notes from the bride-to-be. When the messages are rather long, the brides prefer a large handkerchief. The large format is also much appreciated for summer weddings, as the groom’s forehead might dampen because of the heat. 

The perfect colour for your wedding handkerchiefs

Although I can make wedding handkerchiefs in a variety of colours, most brides and grooms-to-be prefer white wedding handkerchiefs, some opting for a colourful hem and matching embroidery. 

Our most popular colour schemes include:

  • All-white handkerchief, including white monogram
  • White and Navy handkerchief—with navy edging or just navy embroidery
  • White handkerchief with gold embroidery
  • And this summer, I’ve had a lot of requests for white with sage.

Black is also often chosen for the groomsmen, sometimes paired with a gold or white monogram.

custom wedding handkerchiefs for bridal party and groomsmen

Whom to gift wedding handkerchiefs to…

It’s a lovely custom for the bride and groom to gift each other a handkerchief with their names and their wedding dates, as a souvenir of the Special Day.

Often, the bride or groom also want to gift their parents a handkerchief to dry their happy tears with, usually embroidered with “Mom” or “Dad.”

Groomsmen and bridesmaids are most often gifted monogrammed wedding handkerchiefs, all-white or with a hint of the wedding’s theme colour on the embroidery.

Ready to shop for your wedding handkerchiefs?

Take a look at our selection of customizable wedding handkerchiefs! As you browse, remember that I can pretty much craft anything you are dreaming of… So if you don’t see the perfect handkerchief for your wedding on the shop, just reach out and we can discuss what you’d like!

  • Embroidered EDC handkerchiefs
    HANK – EDC Handkerchief with Optional Embroidery
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  • white handkerchief with purple hem and monogram
    JAMES | White Handkerchief with Purple Rolled Hem – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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  • white handkerchief with gray edging and embroidery
    JAMES | White Handkerchief with Grey Rolled Hem – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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  • soft flannel handkerchief with personalized embroidery
    KURT | Natural Flannel Handkerchief with Navy Hem – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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  • white handkerchief with black rolled hem and embroidery
    JAMES | White Handkerchief with Black Hem – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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  • white cotton mens handkerchiefs with monogram
    JAMES | White Handkerchief with Navy Rolled Hem – Personalized Embroidery Optional
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More questions and answers about wedding handkerchiefs!

I’ve gathered a few questions below that I often received from lovebirds. Hope these are useful as you plan your Big Day! 

Where to store your bridal handkerchief?

The bridal handkerchief is usually wrapped around the bride’s bouquet and secured with a dress pin to make sure it stays neatly put. If you won’t be holding a bouquet, I would recommend asking one of your bridesmaids to keep it for you!

What colour should your wedding handkerchief be?

In my opinion, less is more! So, I would recommend opting for a simple white handkerchief and adding a touch of colour on the embroidery to match your wedding’s theme. After all, the star of the show should be the bride!!

custom bride handkerchief

What are wedding handkerchiefs used for?

Wedding handkerchiefs are amazing, because they can serve a variety of purposes all at once! 

  • They can serve to dry happy tears
  • They can help dab a sweaty forehead
  • They can be a keepsake for the bridal party or parents of the bride and groom to be
  • They can replace “something blue” for the bride!
  • They can be used to showcase a love note to the bride or groom, from each other.

What to embroider on your wedding handkerchiefs?

Here are a few messages that always make me smile or tear up (yes, I am SO sentimental … but what can I say, I love weddings!)

  • I love you to the moon and back
  • To dry your happy tears
  • It was always you
  • Monogram
  • Name of bride and groom + date
  • No ugly crying
custom wedding handkerchiefs for bride to be

… and a bit of practical information!

How long will it take to receive my wedding handkerchiefs?

Orders are usually mailed within a week—and at the most within ten (10) business days. All handkerchiefs are mailed from Canada, as they are handmade with care in my little family workshop based in Montreal. In general, your order will take about 3 to 6 business days to arrive in Canada, 4 to 7 business days in the United States and 5 to 8 business days in the rest of the world. For more information, visit our Shipping and Returns page!

What if I’m in a rush?

Then contact me quickly! I hate saying no and nothing makes me happier than helping make your dreams come true. So in most cases, I’m able to work a little magic to meet your deadline. Oh—and as for shipping options, I can evaluate the various options and send you a personalized quote if you need the wedding handkerchiefs—STAT!

I need help designing the perfect wedding handkerchief

I’m just a click away! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Be assured that there are no dumb questions and I totally understand that you want the handkerchiefs to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. So, if you want to see 10 colours of thread and 5 different mockups of your text with various fonts… It’s OK! No need to feel bad, I find pleasure in the process of creating the perfect wedding handkerchief and nothing makes me happier than to see a future bride or groom thrilled with their purchase.

Can I see a mockup of the embroidery?

Yes, absolutely! Five, even! Don’t hesitate to ask.

What if I don’t like the handkerchiefs?

In over ten years (and thousands of adopted handkerchiefs), I’ve had two requests for returns. So, I’m pretty confident that you’ll LOVE your custom wedding handkerchiefs. 

That being said, if it’s not the case, know that I have a “Satisfaction Guarantee,” which I like to call the “Angels Singing Warranty.” If upon receiving your handkerchiefs, the angels aren’t singing, then by all means, let me know! 

I promise to find a solution to make sure you are delighted with your purchase and overall experience.

custom wedding handkerchiefs for father and mother of the bride

I think this sums up pretty much everything I know about wedding handkerchiefs! If I left anything out, please reach out and let me know. I’ll keep updating this page as new questions roll in and our small family business grows. In any case, thanks for taking the time to read me“, Right down to the bottom! I appreciate your time, and look forward to discussing your dream wedding handkerchief.



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