Surfing on the TSHU handkerchief website

Are you flirting with the idea of swapping paper tissues for handkerchiefs?

Discover everything there is to know about the handkerchief!

In our various blog posts, learn all the hanky basics, read a few adoption stories and discover the latest news!

Are you seduced, and looking to purchase a handkerchief?

The great news is there are plenty on the TSHU online shop.

Meet all our handkerchiefs and learn how to surf on our hanky shop to uncover your dream handkerchief in a jiffy.

What about all the other amazing zero waste swaps?

Oh yeah—there’s much, much more than a handkerchief! 

Discover the various eco-friendly alternatives to disposable ones and find out how to make long-lasting changes, one baby step at a time!

Ok, who’s TSHU and how the *** do you pronounce the name?

To learn what we dream about, pay a visit to our homepage. And in our About section, discover a brief blah-blah about who we are! If you’d like to learn what other people are saying about us, we’ve gathered all the press reviews on TSHU in one neat place so you can browse.

Is anyone there?

Yes, we are. Be sure to write anytime, with any questions. We’re pretty friendly! If you’re shy (or in a rush), we also have a FaQs page with quite a bit of info, you can also check that out.

Buying handkerchiefs online

Sometimes, purchasing online feels obscure and impersonal. To make the experience more enjoyable, we’ve put together a little page that explains what our shipping and returns policy is, and gives you as much info as possible on the process.

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