TSHU Story #1: Dan & Pascale


The eternal question: the freedom of solo or the passion of duo?

Daniel and Pascale are a duo; partners in crime so to speak. The more I talked to them, the more I realized they are one. And yet, they’re still individuals, each with their respective passions and desires — each with their own TSHU handkerchief.

Both have fallen in love with their duo TSHUs. A dynamic duo, the handkerchiefs are as radiant as the beaming couple, featuring double-ply softness and unparalleled smoothness. They complete each other — she with her TSHU Henri and he with his TSHU Moshe.

The two of them are quite different from each other, just like their handkerchiefs. So don’t go telling them they’re the same, unless you want to be stared down by Pascale’s icy blue eyes. Daniel certainly knows what that’s like…

From the outset, he says his TSHU Moshe “is colourful, but not too much” — just like his personality. And, as he isn’t really the suit-and-tie type, Daniel discreetly places the hanky on his desk. As for Pascale, she loves her Henri & Gilbert hankies and carries them in her handbag. The fashion-redefining accessory has turned many a head.

Since Daniel is always dealing with allergies, the people he works with regularly inquire about his colourful handkerchief. Despite being more discreet, Pascale notices that as soon as she takes her hanky out in public, all eyes are on her; just like her man’s looking at her right now. We were just chatting about handkerchiefs, but you can tell that this is a match made in heaven.

So what’ll it be? Solo or duo? The choice is yours.

Because at TSHU it’s about you.


Pascale's handkerchief

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