TSHU Story #2: Raphael

Loneliness has become a thing of the past

…since Raphael adopted Gilbert.

His men’s handkerchief has been such a great source of inspiration that it no longer ever leaves his side. TSHU may not be a social or religious movement (yet), but the little hanky is making believers out of more and more people.

Ever stylish, Raphael wears his TSHU with the elegance of a proud Montrealer. Sophisticated and engaged — engaging even. Gilbert’s timeless look is inspired by French singer Gilbert Bécaud’s lucky tie.

“It doesn’t just look good, the hanky’s a great way to be eco-friendly — to stop using tissues,” shoots R, looking like a classic movie star.

Without compromising on style, Raphael also finds practical use for his handkerchief. His TSHU helps him carry out all the tasks expected of a young exec of a rapidly growing tech company in Montreal, including having to deal with the unexpected.

“When a client spills his coffee during a meeting and, while everyone else is looking for napkins, you pull out your hanky and save the day in style.”

Nowadays, Raphael is well prepared for any scenario, carrying a total of three TSHUs in his jacket or laptop bag. His TSHU may not have changed his life, but it certainly has become part of it.

What about you?

What do you do with your TSHU?

Pocket handkerchief

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