Your fave hankies in 4 cool sizes

Over the past few months, I have received many descriptions of dream handkerchiefs—several of which mentioned a handkerchief that was larger in size than the ones I’ve been offering in our online store for years!

Although I had started to add new, larger handkerchiefs to our offering, such as CHARLES and TORO—I have to admit there was a lack of variety in larger models.

So, I decided to make some of our most popular hankies available in 4 different sizes:

  • Small > 20 × 20 cm
  • Standard > 28 × 28 cm
  • Large > 34 × 34 cm
  • Extra large > 40 × 40 cm

Without further ado… Here they are!

Soft flannel handkerchiefs

organic flannel handkerchief
KURT— NATURAL, an unbleached flannel handkerchief, 100% organic
organic flannel handkerchief
KURT— BLACK, an incredibly soft handkerchief, all black with red finish
organic flannel handkerchief
KURT— WHITE, a pure white handkerchief made of organic cotton flannel

Thick, absorbent, two-ply handkerchiefs

thick organic white cotton handkerchief
JAMES, a two-ply handkerchief in thick, silky organic cotton sateen
yellow cotton handkerchief
LILI, a handkerchief made with yellow organic cotton poplin, lined with unbleached cotton sateen
organic blue handkerchief
LOUISE, a handkerchief made with finely woven navy cotton poplin, lined with white organic cotton sateen

Fine and silky handkerchiefs

black handkerchief
NOF, an all-black handkerchief with tone on tone finish, 100% organic cotton sateen
white handkerchief
DWIGHT, a white sateen handkerchief with red stitching

Cute handkerchiefs with polka dots

red spotted handkerchief
YAYOI, a red handkerchief with white polka dots, lined with white cotton sateen.
blue spotted handkerchief
GILBERT, a navy handkerchief with white polka dots, lined with white cotton sateen

Colourful, happy organic handkerchiefs

light handkerchief with feathers
POCAHONTAS, a light ivory coloured handkerchief, with feathers
colourful handkerchief
VICTOR, an adorable handkerchief with colourful deer and red finish

But that’s not all! I am working hard on our new fall collection and I promise you, there will be something new for every taste. 

By the way, if you have an idea in mind, now is the time to let me know!

Just send me a quick note by email or on Facebook or Instagram. I reply to all your messages, I promise!


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