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So, we’re totally thrilled to let you know that we’re launching a new section on the website, dedicated to the “zero-waste” lifestyle!

What is Zero waste?

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, a new section on the TSHU website!

But what in the world is Zero-waste? Well, simply put, the zero waste lifestyle is a way of changing your habits to consume less—and better. It might be a little counter-intuitive, but in order to achieve such a lifestyle, one must purchase certain basics—ideally without or with ecofriendly packaging. So… EXIT plastic and disposable solutions! Concretely, what would one find in this Zero Waste section? Here’s the gist:

Hygiene products

You got it! Take a look at your bathroom, we bet you’ll find quite a bit of plastic bottles and disposable items. You’ve already adopted the handkerchief? We know it—and we adore you for it! Now, consider adopting other reusable (and awesome) alternatives, such as:

Items that can help you avoid reaching for plastic or paper

Just like the handkerchief, many products have been thought out to help you reduce your waste on a daily basis. The great thing about these is that they don’t require that you change your lifestyle drastically… But their impact is quite meaningful! Amongst these, discover:

  • Reusable produce bags for fruit, veggies, pastries and other goodies sold without packaging (so bye bye plastic or paper bags!)
  • Cloth napkins—duh! Why stop at handkerchiefs? It’s even less of a hassle to adopt a reusable dinner napkin—and as a bonus, you feel like you’re always out in a five-star restaurant. (fini paper napkins and Scott towels!)

So why step out of the handkerchief zone?

Good question. Truth be told, we’re quite convinced you’ve adopted the handkerchief for several (good) reasons—and that several amongst are conscious that this small gesture has quite an impact on our planet! So with this in mind, we’ve discovered all sorts of useful small items that have an important impact on the environment and it seemed kind of sad not to share these discoveries with you. That’s why we’re stepping out of the handkerchief zone with our Zero-Waste Shop, through which you can discover, sample and even adopt new finds.

Why other brands?

To each their own and here at TSHU, we pride ourselves on making fabulous handkerchiefs. We stumbled across linens briefly out of curiosity, but our main business consists in bringing you quality handkerchiefs—prettier and more durable than ever. Therefore, we didn’t want to scatter our energies and start making natural soaps and ecofriendly toothbrushes! What’s more, many great companies that are well aligned with our core values have already explored this path—and come up with amazing products! So we’re truly delighted to support them by featuring the fruit of their labour on our website.

Where do I sign?

Convinced? Curious? We invite you to browse through this new section today! And, for the launch of our small Zero Waste Shop, we’re giving away a 10% off coupon code (zerowasteshop) on Zero Waste items—valid until June 1, 2018. Oh and of course, if you have any questions at all on how to use some of these articles, please don’t hesitate to email us! We’re there to guide you, inform you and accompany you in your zero-waste journey. Plus, we’re really nice people, #tshustory.

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