The easiest zero waste swaps to test run

So, aside from falling in love with cloth handkerchiefs, you can also trade disposable alternatives for these great zero waste essentials.

Dare to swap:

Ready to make the swap?

We have quite a neat selection of these eco-friendly products on the shop!

Our Cloth Napkins

Discover our collection of lovely cloth napkins, made from cotton (single ply) or cotton and linen (two-ply). These include Japanese prints, such as

If you prefer a different pattern, we have:

We also make reusable napkins with solid colours, such as:

Our Reusable Paper Towels

Extremely absorbent, our reusable paper towels replace paper towels to mop up spills in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house. Made with soft flannel and lined with microfleece, they stick to one another and can even be stored on a roll – just like their disposable alternatives.

We carry a cool selection of colourful reusable paper towels, so you match them to your taste, including:

Our Bamboo Washcloths

Life with children can be filled with sticky, slimy and snotty situations, which is why we developed a collection of washcloth-meets-handkerchiefs, a great zero waste alternative to using baby wipes a million times a day. 

These are named after famous children and include:

Our designer collaborations also feature two super-cute bamboo washcloths: mini-Douglas (with planes!) and mini-Jack (with penguins and zebras)!

Oh – and if you can’t make up your mind, you can simply get a surprise set of 3, 5 or 10 organic washcloths… And we’ll choose for you!

Our Bandana Bibs

Also an alternative to baby wipes, a bandana bib can be super practical, as you can tie it to your child’s neck and mop up spills, drool, and other messes when necessary. Inspired by our reusable bamboo washcloth collections, our bibs include:

  • The OLIVIER pattern (red with giraffes)
  • The HECTOR pattern (grey with elephants)
  • The JASMINE pattern (off-white with colourful triangles)

Our Bread Bags

Because paper bags add up quickly, you can BYOB (bring your own bag) when you head to the baker’s! Depending on what you like to munch on, we have a reusable baguette bag and a cloth bag for sliced bread.

Our other zero waste must-haves

Perhaps just an alternative to plastic rather than a disposable item, we make cloth travel toothbrush holders.

And for the pros out there, we also make super-soft draped massage face cradle covers instead of their flimsy paper version!

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