Grey Handkerchiefs

Our grey handkerchiefs are classic, masculine, timeless. Looking for a pocket square to complement your suit? Samuel and Elvis are the perfect fit. The fabric is a lovely warm grey color, which looks stunning with darker suits and even a blue jean.

Go simple with our solid grey handkerchief, or go bold with Elvis’s grey on grey paisley pattern. Either way, make sure everyone will notice your stylish grey handkerchief – entirely hand made in Montréal by our skilled seamstresses.

Our grey handkerchiefs come in two versions – SOLO, single ply, for a sleek, subtle wear and DUO, double ply, for a more absorbent, practical use. All our styles carry our embroidered brand on the folded bottom corner and red stitches all around for a unique look.

Although men usually enjoy our grey handkerchiefs, just like his namesake, Elvis is also quite popular with the ladies! Ysabelle adopted three of them and they never leave her pocket as she heads for her running team or heads to run another marathon. She is undoubtedly the most stylish athlete on the circuit!

You can use our grey hankies several ways – to wipe the sweat off your brow, the coffee in your moustache, your baby’s cheeks after an enthusiastic snack – or even as an act of gallantry! Our hankies are made from finely woven satiny cotton, which means they are very soft and durable, making them perfect for a practical wear as much as a fashion statement. Share your TSHU stories with us – we’re always happy to hear about new ways to use your TSHU – and have a positive impact on the environment.

On our end – we also do our part – in fact we plant a tree for each hanky sold. What are you waiting for? Grey, blue, pink or white – adopt your elegant and committed handkerchief today!

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    SAMUEL – Grey Handkerchief (two-ply)

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