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set of handkerchiefs

Your favourite handkerchiefs in a set

In 2021, we noticed that many of you had fallen in love with a particular handkerchief and that it had become obvious that you would need several to ensure eternal love.

Perhaps a little bit like what you do for your child when they fall in love with a blankie and you want to prevent the inevitable crisis that occurs when it’s time to put it in the wash.

Since we at TSHU don’t really like heartbreak, separation, sadness and all that, we thought it might be nice to encourage you to stock up on your fave hankies by offering you a little incentive.

Your favourites

You’re probably wondering what is this incentive. Well, we’ve created a brand new section on the site called YOUR FAVOURITES, for true fans of a single handkerchief model, so you can buy more, at a lower price.

In this section, you will find the most popular handkerchiefs, the ones that are most often adopted. For our launch, we included the following handkerchiefs in this section:

You haven’t found your favourite handkerchief in this selection? Don’t hesitate to send us a message to let us know… We’ll see if we can add it!

set of grey handkerchiefs

More handkerchiefs, more savings!

In this new section, the concept is simple: your set of 3 to 12 hankies of the same style will be automatically discounted by 10%. The more you stock up, the more you save … and you can even save more than a whole handkerchief in value!

Take the white JAMES handkerchief for example, with its agent 007-like elegance.

(For this example, we used euros, but note that depending on your delivery address, the prices will be adapted and converted into CAD or USD, so don’t hesitate to go see what that means for you!)

Back to our example. If you buy the handkerchief individually, it will cost you €16. But if you buy a set, you’ll only pay €14.40 per handkerchief. So, if you take 3, you’ll save €4.80. And, if you take 6, you’ll save €9.60. At 10 hankies in your cart, you get the equivalent of a free handkerchief (€16 in savings) and with a set of 12 handkerchiefs, it’s just nuts: you save almost €20.

In short, it’s a good deal if you’re a huge fan of one of our handkerchiefs and you want to fill your little drawer with lots of Nof, Scarlet or Louise.

Do you prefer variety?

Then you’re in for a treat, because we have a wide range of handkerchief sets.

For zero-waste beginners

If you’re considering switching from paper to cotton, you’ll probably enjoy a set like our Discovery Pack of Handkerchiefs which includes (you guessed it)… A little bit of everything so you can see what you like best! 

Pssst… This is what also makes this set of handkerchiefs a great gift for a loved one who is tempted by the hanky experience!

By opting for the Discovery Pack of Handkerchiefs, you’ll get

  • A SCARLET handkerchief in red organic cotton sateen
  • A JAMES handkerchief (two-ply), made with two layers of all-white organic cotton sateen.
  • A NOF handkerchief, black with black finish. 100% organic.
  • An ELVIS handkerchief (two-ply), with a gorgeous paisley pattern and white cotton sateen lining.
  • The SOFTEST handkerchief on earth: KURT, our all-around star in natural organic flannel.

You may have recognized some of the hankies in the list! It’s perfectly normal… They are our favourites as well. And that’s why we bet that these handkerchiefs will seduce those who are in the process of converting to cloth handkerchiefs!

cotton handkerchiefs set

For those who don’t like to choose

(Yes, it happens!)—We’ve created the SURPRISE assortment! As its name suggests, you add the set to your cart and we take care of everything (or almost, you decide). 

What’s really nice about this handkerchief set is that we can choose the hankies for you—or if you prefer, you can send us your instructions.

For example, you could ask us to select an assortment of handkerchiefs for a man in his 40s who has always used hankies and has a rather classic style. 

Or you could tell us that you love blue and that you swear by thick handkerchiefs. We’re very accommodating, so feel free to be more or less precise with your requests! We love to make hanky sets that will quickly become your everyday essentials.

Oh—and to top it all off—our SURPRISE assortment is available in packs of 3, 5 or 10 hankies. So it’s also up to you to decide if you want to limit yourself to the trio or go for a full set!

pack handkerchiefs

For small budgets

Because we know that your budget can’t always back up your values, we’ve decided to give a second life to all the handkerchiefs that become orphans when we make them. 

What’s an orphan handkerchief? It’s a handkerchief we make, but don’t put up for sale for various reasons, like

  • There is a small defect on the fabric
  • It’s stained
  • It’s not perfect 
  • It’s a sample

These are not returned or second-hand hankies—rest assured, they never left the workshop. They aren’t perfect, but they can be very useful… And they don’t cost much! In fact, a set of 5 handkerchiefs costs only €25. Take a look at our orphans here!

On that note, we wish you a happy new year! We hope to have the pleasure to care for your nose as 2022’s emotions, allergies and colds hit you.

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