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handkerchief with initials

You asked we made it happen! TSHU now offers personalized handkerchiefs, embroidered with your initials. How does it work? How much does it cost? What does it look like? How long does it take? We tell you everything you need to know right below. Read on!

Your Very Own Handkerchief With Initials

Hard to believe that your favorite handkerchief can now be fully customized? We promise it’s true. You can now get your initials embroidered on any handkerchief sold on the TSHU online shop.

For best results, we recommend opting for two-ply handkerchiefs, as the reverse helps conceal the back of your embroidered initials, for a cleaner, sharper look. That being said, it’s not impossible to embroider single-ply hankies, but you might not enjoy staring at your initials spelled backward as much. We can send you a photo of what that looks like if you’re wondering. 🙂

Now, if you don’t like thick handkerchiefs, note that two-ply doesn’t necessarily mean “super thick”. In fact, our two-ply handkerchiefs boast various thicknesses, including:

Oh—and if you’re shopping for an eco-friendly gift, Children’s handkerchiefs/organic washcloths, also look great when embroidered and make fantastic, useful, zero-waste, birthday or baby shower gifts.

How Much Does It Cost?

It all depends on your choice of a handkerchief.

  1. You see, first, you have to pick out the hanky you’d like us to embroider with your initials and add it to your cart.

Pssssst, we carry a neat selection of organic cotton handkerchiefs (and they’re not more expensive than regular cotton!). Oh—and we also offer sets of handkerchiefs, if you’re looking to start a nice little collection of embroidered hankies.

  1. Then, you can head to our personalized handkerchiefs section and add an “extra charge—monogrammed handkerchief” to your cart, too.

If you want more than one customized hanky, simply add as many extra charges as you want personalized handkerchiefs… And don’t forget to choose all the handkerchiefs to go with your embroidery! 

So, to recap—embroidery is a flat fee per piece, and handkerchiefs vary in price according to design, size, fabric choice and thickness.

What Will It Look Like?

Good question! Again, it depends on what you want.

We usually recommend opting for a simple look, with a limited number of colors. But, as always, the final choice is yours. Let’s say we had to tell you what our dream handkerchief with initials would be? We’d have to say LOUISE (two-ply), with red embroidery. Another, more classic favorite, would be JAMES (two-ply), with all-white, tone-on-tone embroidery.

For best results, we urge you to match it to the hem or topstitching color, or simply opting for a “tone on tone” look—aka, navy embroidery on navy fabric. But again, if you disagree, or if you have a vision, we’re here to please.

So, if you’re not a fan of the suggested thread color, you can actually pick your own thread color (select option “other” before adding the embroidery to your cart and don’t forget to tell us what you’d like in your purchase order!) when you add the extra charge for embroidered initials.

I’m In a Hurry… Will It Take a Million Years?

Nope! We are usually able to work quite quickly and since most of our handkerchiefs are made to order, we don’t foresee any extra delays for customization. So, if you choose standard shipping (which is free, worldwide), your order will be shipped out within 3 to 5 business days. And if you’re in a hurry, select EXPRESS shipping and we’ll mail your order within 24 hours (working days only!)—YES, even if you need 10 different handkerchiefs with initials. In 10 different colors. We’ve got your nose.

What If I Want a Monogrammed Handkerchief for My Suit Pocket?

Then, you’re looking for a pocket square, not a handkerchief! (It may not be obvious, but the embroidery is actually positioned differently on a handkerchief with initials vs a monogrammed pocket square, in order for it to look 100% sharp when neatly folded in your blazer.) Should you want to learn more about the difference between handkerchiefs in pocket squares, we explain it quite clearly right here!

And… If it is a pocket square you’re looking for, no problem: our sister website My Custom Pocket Square makes them in single ply, fully customizable with bold hems and a strategically positioned monogram so you can flaunt your brand new personalized pocket square at your next dinner party.

How To Care for Your Handkerchief With Initials?

Just like any other TSHU hanky! We recommend washing in cold to lukewarm water and avoiding the dryer. Detailed instructions can be found in our article “How to wash handkerchiefs with mucus?”.

I Have an Idea!

OK, let’s hear it! Do you need a custom-made hanky for a special occasion? A pile of personalized handkerchiefs for an event? A handkerchief with a poem on it? Email us and tell us about it. If we can make it happen, we sure will!

So, are you ready to order your handkerchief with initials?

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